BirdNet – The Easiest Way to Identify Birds by Sound

The Framework Laptop is now shipping

GitHub brings supply chain security features to the Go community

Can we survive technology? John von Neumann 1955 [pdf]

Website changes design each time you blink

Rescale (YC W12) Is Hiring Software Engineers

It doesn't take much public creativity to stand out as a job candidate

Australia’s trash bin-raiding cockatoos

The Tyranny of Spreadsheets

Most URLs are syntactically valid JavaScript code

Hacker News in the Style of Teletext

Zip – How not to design a file format

The engineer preserving the last analog motion graphics machine (2017) [video]

Entropy and Algebra and Topology = ?

RNA demethylation increases rice and potato yields 50%

The Realism of Our Times: Kim Stanley Robinson on how science fiction works

Google now shows why it ranked a specific search result

Apple to Pull 'iDOS 2' DOS Emulator from App Store

Disinformation: It’s History

MGBA Integration: Introducing the Integrated GBA

Algorithmic Botany, Biological Modelling and Visualization Software

The Impedance Mismatch Test: Is Your Data Layer a Complex Mess?

Migrating Facebook to MySQL 8.0

Preserving Worlds: a travelogue through aging but beloved virtual worlds

Remains of impact that created the Moon may lie deep within Earth

Launch HN: hotglue (YC S21) – Easy user-facing SaaS integrations

“I would buy a Mac today if I was not working at Microsoft” (2004)

Mitchell Hashimoto takes on a new individual contributor role at HashiCorp

Investigation: TikTok's Algorithm Figures Out Your Deepest Desires

Google broke a conditional statement that verifies passwords on Chrome OS

AlphaFold Protein Structure Database

iDOS 2 will be gone soon

Two Japanese Jabberwocky Poems (2017)

A friendly introduction to linear algebra for ML

Show HN: I developed a native macOS Hacker News client

PG&E will bury 10k miles of power lines so they don't spark wildfires

Useful algorithms that are not optimized by Jax, PyTorch, or TensorFlow

California sues Activision Blizzard over unequal pay, sexual harassment

Mastering the Basics of Icon Design

0x7FDE623822FC16E6: A magic constant for double float reciprocal (2011)

Chicken vaccine makes its virus more dangerous (2015)

MicroK8s – Low-ops, minimal Kubernetes, for cloud, clusters, Edge and IoT

Quantum computing hype is bad for science

Show HN: Alias – Google Alerts for your favorite people

Launch HN: Payflow (YC S21) – Allow workers to access their wages instantly

Reflections as the Internet Archive turns 25

Another misstep for Audacity

How to Breathe

Our need for true connection is giving rise to phone-free spaces

Implement unprivileged chroot

The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind (1976)

Starlink review, four months in

Open-source alternatives to popular B2B tools

Containerizing Apache Hadoop Infrastructure at Uber

Ask HN: Any good resources on how to be a great technical advisor to startups?

Microsoft confirms taskbar in Windows 11 no longer supports drag and drop

The LaTeX Font Catalogue

Artists, shrug off that imposter syndrome – the tech world needs you

How to gain more from your reading

Vectorization Virtual Workshop

Autonomy founder Mike Lynch can be extradited to US

Kubernetes is our generation's Multics

RVVM – RISC-V Virtual Machine

Sometimes solecisms can reveal linguistic ingenuity

Show HN: Sell.app – A simple way to sell digital goods

SARS-CoV-2 Gamma variant infected 16 fully Pfizer vaccinated Guiana gold miners

Scammers lead to shut down of passport application system, creating crisis

Show HN: Web-based visualization for robotics and autonomous vehicles

Fuzzing Modern UDP Game Protocols with Snapshot-Based Fuzzers

Show HN: Neverinstall – A platform to bring desktop applications to the browser

Under the Wheels (2019)

Russia ‘Weaponizing’ AI: Pentagon Intelligence Report

Ask HN: Which vintage computers do you find interesting?

DeepMind says it will release the structure of every protein known to science

Lost world revealed by human, Neanderthal relics washed up on North Sea beaches

Helion Energy achieves fusion milestone

Launch HN: Epsilon3 (YC S21) – Software for spacecraft and complex operations

Twitter tests Reddit-style upvote and downvote buttons

There’s Toxicity, and There’s Toxicity (2017)

U.S. senators target tech's legal immunity to stop vaccine misinformation

A digital museum of video game levels

How to make a leather piston seal (2007)


Switzerland's Gravity-Defying Irrigation Solution

A YouTube chat about chess got flagged for hate speech

Argentina Formally Recognizes Nonbinary People, a Latin American First

How we built EGo

Macros on Steroids: How pure C can benefit from metaprogramming

How to exfiltrate code from Bitbucket

UK wants to reform Official Secrets law by pretending journalism doesn't exist

My app failed: lessons learned

Show HN: Wiser – minimal hypervisor boots Linux VM, written in C

Using the Shelly Plug to monitor Starlink's power consumption

Schizophrenia linked to marijuana use disorder is on the rise, study finds

Why 'I Have Nothing to Hide' Is the Wrong Way to Think About Surveillance (2013)

Technical Introduction to the Use of Trusted Platform Module 2.0 with Linux [pdf]

A Chemical Hunger – Part V: Livestock Antibiotics

Meme Stocks Are Mired in Longest Losing Run Since Frenzy Began

A priest was outed for using Grindr, experts say it’s a warning sign for privacy

Nepalese student learns HTML, JavaScript, CSS using just a mobile phone

Planning and estimating large-scale software projects

16 Years in Hiding – Millions of Printers Worldwide Vulnerable

Images Are Hard

4.6B-year-old meteorite found

Programmatic Video Editing with Python

MS Windows Defender and DeCSS

Akamai Edge DNS was down

Modeling libraries don’t matter (2020)

Will Sylvia Plath always be defined by her death?

Spanish police seize large drone used to carry drugs from Morocco

CIA director says he is escalating efforts to solve 'Havana Syndrome'

Photographic Reference Scale (2019)

Swagger/OpenAPI examples are bad, like reaaalllyy bad

Audubon pranked fellow naturalist by making up fake rodents (2016)

Ask HN: for senior positions is it advisable to list side projects on your CV?

The economic value of targeting aging

We’re all teenagers now: The adolescent mindset transformed the US and the world

BBEdit 14

The FTC Votes Unanimously to Enforce Right to Repair

A baby-faced CEO turned a Farmville clone into a Ponzi scheme

Can You Be Addicted to Travel?

Electro-hydraulic actuator animates soft mini-robots

A Defunct Video Hosting Site Is Flooding Normal Websites with Hardcore Porn

A natively flexible 32-bit Arm microprocessor

This World of Ours (2014) [pdf]

Using WebAssembly threads from C, C++ and Rust

Facebook took our election ad money then bulk-deleted our pages

Don’t Apologize: If the mob comes for you, stand up for yourself

New Aspects Related to Plant Processing Revealed at Çatalhöyük

Bitcoin’s gold rush was always an illusion

Principles for 35 Years

Why does the New menu even exist for creating new empty files?

Pavel Durov listed in leaked Pegasus project data

Machine Learning in a Hurry

First lethal attacks by chimpanzees on gorillas observed

How the IBM PC Won, Then Lost, the Personal Computer Market

THW: Germany′s army of volunteers for disaster relief


Video Gaming the System

The top 1% of Americans have about 16 times more wealth than the bottom 50%

TypeScript 4.4 Beta

Pornhub Is Facing Legal Action from the Louvre over Classical Content

Lockdown Bait and Switch – By Matt Shapiro – Marginally Compelling

A case against security nihilism

AWS now allows customers to pay for their usage in advance

Intel Distribution for Python

Germany's national healthcare system adopts Matrix for communication

Vitess: A database clustering system for horizontal scaling of MySQL

Update to our privacy policy and apology

California sues Activision Blizzard over alleged harassment

A monorepo misconception – atomic cross-project commits

Why aren't there more programming-language startups?

I just learned I only have months to live. This is what I want to say

Ethereum dev Virgil Griffith back in jail after checking $1M Coinbase account

Investigation: TikTok's Algorithm Figures Out Your Deepest Desires

Zuckerberg on why the social network is becoming ‘a metaverse company’

How do Chrome extensions impact browser performance?

Man dies of a heart attack after minors swatted him over his rare Twitter handle

Gus Grissom taught NASA a hard lesson: “You can hurt yourself in the ocean” (2016)

EU plans to make Bitcoin transfers more traceable

Getting 'Steinached' was all the rage in Roaring ’20s (2017)

CIA officer from bin Laden hunt to lead Havana Syndrome probe as cases rise

Vulkan Memory Allocator

PlasticArm: Get Your Next CPU, Made Without Silicon

The undiscovered country: Can suicide be predicted?

An Introduction to Limit Order Books

Bezos donates $100M each to CNN contributor Van Jones and chef Jose Andres

How to implement worker pools in Rust

Binary Trees are optimal except when they’re not

Opinion: What I Saw in Yosemite Was Devastating

A surprisingly common error users make when installing Brew

Malicious NPM package steals Chrome passwords

Namedtuple in a Post-Dataclasses World

DuckDuckGo Email Protection

I built my first serverless robot and won $1000

News Sites Including Huffington Post, Vox, Newsweek, Riddled with Pornography

Teaching Tech Together (2019)

PCEngines with SFP

Vgmaps.com: The Video Game Atlas

Sci-hub-p2p needs help with indexing & seeding on IPFS

NSO Group Hacked

Cuba Jamming Ham Radio?

New Software Engineers in the company be like

FloydHub Is Shutting Down

Our lawsuit against ChessBase

Dubai is making its own fake rain to beat 122°F heat

Ask HN: Why aren't images used as passwords?

Caffeine and theanine exert opposite effects on attention (2017)

Mindfulness meditation can increase selfishness and reduce generosity

As extreme heat becomes more common, ERs turn to body bags to save lives

Show HN: Digger.dev – A PaaS that generates Terraform, in your AWS account

Haiti vs. the Dominican Republic

Man Arrested in Connection with Alleged Role in Twitter Hack

Solid Objects: 16th-Century Geometric and Perspective Drawings

Ask HN: How are salaries for senior devs in Berlin at the moment?

DeepMind puts the entire human proteome online, as folded by AlphaFold

MongoDB Wire Protocol Specification License

Show HN: Leaf – Create interactive coding tutorials

A Twitter thread sparked a lawsuit against Nieman Lab’s founder

Salesforce completes acquisition of Slack

Merkel: Germany has not done enough to hit Paris climate targets

‘If You’re Not a Criminal, Don’t Be Afraid’– NSO CEO says

Show HN: WrittenRealms – a modern platform for text-based games

Airbnb raises violent crime rates in cities as residents are pushed out

Defending Against Spyware Like Pegasus

The “bugs are 100x more expensive to fix in production” study might not exist

Activision Blizzard Sued by California over ‘Frat Boy’ Culture

Nepotism at Y Combinator

Habits, UI changes, and OS stagnation

Show HN: Readow.ai – Book recommendations provided by AI

Show HN: Sunflower Editor – like adding console.log to every line of your code

Amnesty categorically stands by Pegasus Project data set

Tesla plans to open its charging network to other EVs later this year

Crystal 1.1.0

Restaurant workers quit at record rate

Serial swatter who caused death gets five years in prison

Modeling mutual friendship

Clojure builds as an amalgamation of orthogonal parts

A key product of ubiquitous surveillance is people who are comfortable with it

How I Manage My Knowledge

A Grizzly Bear Terrorized a Man for Days in Alaska. The Coast Guard Saw His SOS

Reverse-Engineering the Mali G78

What would happen if a golf ball doubled in density every hour?

The Colorado River is shrinking

Google turns AlphaFold loose on the entire human genome

Pelosi and a lifetime of trading

Measuring, Monitoring, and Managing Legal Complexity

Good Riddance, TurboTax. Americans Need a Real ‘Free File’ Program

Penny hoarders hope for the day the penny dies (2014)

Show HN: Headless Recorder v1.0, get Playwright/Puppeteer scripts without coding

Uber, Lyft drivers strike in Los Angeles

U.S. Mint Honors Game Developer Ralph Baer

Microbially produced fibers: Stronger than steel, tougher than Kevlar

Show HN: .NET Ketchup

Playdate preview: You won’t believe how fun this dorky, $179 game system is

A Priest Was Outed by His Phone's Location Data. Anyone Could Be Next

Ask HN: DNS Outage?

What I learned about using Slack statuses when working remotely

Review: Why Facebook can never fix itself

Epic Games acquires Sketchfab, a 3D model sharing platform

Support for team members who are mistreated in their country

The Federal Bureau of Way Too Many Guns (2016)

Judge forces US Capitol rioter to unlock laptop seized by FBI

A 10x Developer Story

Show HN: Numary – An open-source, scriptable financial legder

Senate Bill Targets Section 230 in Fight over Covid-19 Misinfo

Highly accurate protein structure prediction for the human proteome

Publish and Perish (2020)

Tour of the Sacred Library

Julia's multiple dispatch explained with Pokemons

Travel websites are down? Airbnb.com, Expedia.com

MAPS Celebrates California Senate Passage of Psychedelic Reform Bill

Advertisements literally being forced into your eyesight

AI and Robots Are a Minefield of Cognitive Biases

Startup Claims Breakthrough in Long-Duration Batteries

The Untamed Rise of Hospital Monopolies

Torpar: TUI Client for Torrent Paradise (Distributed Torrent Search)

Startup Claims Breakthrough in Long-Duration Batteries

Daniel Hale, a ‘Second Snowden’, Leaked Drone Wars Documents

Send+more=money and how to use forward-checking in search

Beware explanations from AI in health care

Making sensitive player piano pouched

CDC Director Warns U.S. Is at ‘Another Pivotal Point’ in Pandemic

Jackware: Malware That Can Hijack a Machine

Naïve UI - A Vue 3 Component Library

People Want to Work, They Just Don't Want to Work for You

Retroactive Public Goods Funding

The first fully functional non-silicon ARM Processor, PlasticArm

Programming by Poking: Why MIT Stopped Teaching SICP (2016)

China sends a drone (UAV) to provide temporary mobile network in disaster area

Show HN: Straw.Page – Drag and drop website builder

NSO Group Will No Longer Talk to the Press About Damning Report

Forem Self-Host

Emmanuel Macron identified in leaked Pegasus project data

The Antikythera Mechanism

Ask HN: Best way to learn Smalltalk?

News outlet uses phone data to out US church official as Grindr user

Ask HN: How do you deal with information addiction?

Even if you’re paying, you’re still the product

Show HN: I made a collection of 80+ beautiful CSS buttons (click to copy)

Ransomware victim Kaseya gets master key to unlock networks

The Inevitable Weaponization of App Data Is Here

Catholic priest quits after “anonymized” data revealed alleged use of Grindr

Our genes shape our gut bacteria, new research shows

Faster and more efficient phishing detection in M92

Liveminting NFTs with the Wolfram Language on the Cardano Blockchain

I unwrapped Buzz Aldrin’s visor to a 360 sphere to see what he saw

After Slashing 33% of Workers in 6 Years, Railroads Complain of Labor Shortages

Show HN: A browser-based Gameboy emulator written in TypeScript

Ask HN: How do you track comment threads in HN?

Yet another background music for developer, if you missed working at cafe

The German Producer Making Music with Salvaged Nuclear Lab Equipment

Xiaomi overtakes Apple as the world's No. 2 smartphone-maker

GM forced to halt most large pickup truck production due to chip shortage

DNA pulled from thin air identifies nearby animals

Adam Neumann’s WeWork Debacle Wasn’t Possible Without VC Help – Book on WeWork

Bengio, Hinton and LeCun explain the current challenges of deep learning

My Fanless OpenBSD Desktop

Ask HN: What are interesting ways to use apps like Airtable or Google Sheets?

Show HN: A job board for the New Space industry

Pegasus spyware seller: Blame our customers not us for hacking

Twitter is testing upvote or downvote on replies

Awesome Computer vision: Spatially varying blur detection

Windows Defender Update Will delete legitimate file from copyright case

Cargo cult programming (2020)

Lifting Weights? Your Fat Cells Would Like to Have a Word

Electric Vehicles Won’t Save Us. Why EV’s Are False Prophets in The

Enough is enough

Olympics Are Turning into a $20B Bust for Japan

For Home Buyers, Length of Commute Drops in Importance

Ask HN: How Do You Prioritise?

Email Protection: The easy way to block email trackers and hide your address

Fixing a Seagate 7200.11 Hard Drive

Senators target Section 230 to fight Covid-19 vaccine misinformation

Check your phone for Pegasus spyware using Amnesty’s tool

Impressions of Colors: On William Blake’s Monoprints

Social Media Is a Public Health Crisis

Amazon’s New World reportedly breaking RTX 3090 graphics cards

U.S. Life Expectancy Fell by 1.5 Years in 2020, the Biggest Drop Since WWII

Temporary or not, inflation is rattling restaurants and broader economy

FTC Formally Adopts Right to Repair Platform

‘Everything is on fire’: Siberia hit by unprecedented burning

SQLite is 35% Faster Than The Filesystem (2017)

EU to ban cryptocurrency anonymity in anti-money laundering plan

Show HN:WyPyPlus is a minimalist wiki in 23 lines of code

TikTok’s Algorithm: A WSJ Video Investigation

Ask HN: Recommendations for Home Solar Install?

Performance per Watt Is the New Moore’s Law

Traffic Lights of the Future

Subway Passengers Trapped in the Water

Brinkley Act: Bans US broadcasters from being connected to a Mexico transmitter

‘Somebody has to do the dirty work’: NSO founders defend the spyware they built

Syria has become a narco-state

Rewrote Golang project in Rust. It’s 4x times slower now

Millions of U.S. Covid Vaccine Doses Set to Expire and Be Destroyed This Summer

Americans’ Medical Debts Are Bigger Than Was Known, Totaling $140B

EU will make Bitcoin traceable and ban anonymous crypto wallets

California passes new broadband access law

Information Sovereignty

Extreme Weather Sweeps the World as Natural Disasters Unleash on 3 Continents

Couple terrorized in eBay pig-mask campaign sue auction giant

Ban Amnesty [International] over Pegasus leaks role, Indian politician urges

Run a webserver for a specific user *only

Windows Defender July Update will delete legitimate file from DeCSS

Adobe Joins Blender Development Fund

The toppling of Saddam’s statue: how the US military made a myth

41 percent of consumers say their next car will be electric

New Windows 10 vulnerability allows anyone to get admin privileges

Why Should I Pay to Read This?

Nasty Linux systemd security bug reveale

Show HN: MsgViz, an animated message passing diagram editor

HalloApp: A private ad-free social network by ex-WhatsApp engineers

Inside TikTok’s Highly Secretive Algorithm

Russia's permafrost is thawing and this is what it's unveiling

'Magic-angle' trilayer graphene may be a rare, magnet-proof superconductor

Come Work at YC – July 2021

Dataframes.jl 1.0 workshop from JuliaCon 2021

Clubhouse Is the Big Stinker That Nobody Wants to Talk About

How China Exports Repression Using a Network of Spies Hidden in Plain Sight

Ask HN: What is the worst bullshit thing you were asked to do at $JOB?

Muffler man

Anti-vaccine groups changing into ‘dance parties’ on Facebook to avoid detection

India’s Covid-19 Death Toll Is Likely in the Millions, Study Finds

Despite Tuesday’s flight, Jeff Bezos is running out of time to save Blue Origin

Steam Is Down

Twitter testing up and downvote options

Make-me-admin holes found in Windows, Linux kernel

Nobody should trust Wikipedia, says man who invented Wikipedia

Phone Numbers Must Die (2019)

TikTok's Highly Secretive Algorithm [video]

10 years since the Utoya massacre in Norway

100-Qubit Quantum Computing System Unveiled

Upgrading the Cloudflare China Network

Kodak Deletes Post by Photographer Who Called Xinjiang an ‘Orwellian Dystopia’

Beware of the Unicode no-break space (0xC2 0xA0)

How many spaces should come after a period/full stop?

Scam “Freedom Phone” for the paranoid MAGA crowd

Stopping FTP support in Firefox 90

'Monster' sturgeon is more than 800 lbs., may be a century old

Brave Browser adds its own referral codes to some cryptocurrency sites (2020)

Watching the Watchmen

Desk Reservation System Using Power Apps, Power BI and Microsoft Visio [video]

Global satellite data shows clouds will amplify global heating

EU to tighten rules on cryptoasset transfers

The FPGA Designer Who Didn't Get the Job

Why does Jeff Bezos’s rocket look like that? An inquiry

The MAGA-targeted “Freedom Phone” has a breathtaking amount of red flags

Why Cats Slow Blink at Humans, According to Science

Suing Influencers for Promoting Scam Crypto Coins?

Neural Networks For Your Dog. Derive and code a neural network from scratch

Why the “Why Now” fundraising slide is more important than ever

Brazilian truckers are hijacking US navy satellites

New research tries to explain consciousness with quantum physics

Despite Tuesday’s flight, Jeff Bezos is running out of time to save Blue Origin

GM leaves owner owing $12K after Bolt EV battery fire last year

Pegasus Project found numbers of Ten PMs, three presidents and a king

Room for 10k: Inside China’s largest detention center

Home and office routers come under attack by China state hackers, France warns

Apple delays its return to office as the Delta variant surges

Covid-19: India excess deaths cross four million, says study

Amid Bitcoin’s crash, all of Tesla’s gains have vanished

Haiti vs. the Dominican Republic: Why the big divergence?

Google shutting down Google Bookmarks on September 30

YouTube’s newest monetization tool lets viewers tip creators for their uploads

The IRS Is Struggling to Keep Up–and That’s Bad for Everyone

Dalton (Unit)

Muon-Catalyzed Fusion

Team 29, Russia’s prominent legal defense group, shuts down under state pressure

Climate envoy says U.S., China must end world’s ‘suicide pact’

A baby-faced CEO turned a Farmville clone into a Ponzi scheme

Performance-enhancing psychedelics: Can LSD make you better at sport?

DuckDuckGo launches new Email Protection service to remove trackers

The California Dream Is Dying

Fed Officials Say Punitive U.S. Legal System Is Hampering Economy

European Commission will fully apply AML/CFT rules to the crypto sector

Liverpool stripped of UNESCO World Heritage status

Kubernetes Deprecating Docker: Explaining Containers in K8s


Infectious disease expert says Covid vaccine misinformation is ‘killing people’

NASA shared an audio rendition of imagery taken by the Hubble Space Telescope

We are testing too many vaccinated people who lack Covid symptoms

Gov. Whitmer Kidnapping Suspects Claim Entrapment

TweetDeck Redesign Goes Live

Audacity’s new owner is in another fight with the open source community

Havana Syndrome

France now in 4th wave of Covid due to Delta cases soaring, says PM Jean Castex

15,000-year-old viruses discovered in Tibetan glacier ice

Starlink will be open to everyone in August – not that you'll want it

‘I’m sorry but it’s too late’ a doctor on treating unvaxxed dying Covid patients

Hyper is a new fund that offers $300k checks and promise of a media slingshot

Cathie Wood, Jack Dorsey, & Elon Musk discuss Bitcoin – The B Word

Men in SV are reportedly using plastic surgery to get ahead at work

China adding finishing touches to world-first thorium nuclear reactor

Space-Cadet Keyboard

Open-source dev says Audacity owner Muse threatened his deportation to China

China Can Lock Up 1M Muslims in Xinjiang at Once

Firefox May Have Lost Up to 12% of Its Users So Far in 2021

California's delta surge pushes Covid hospitalizations to highest since April

The Bezos backlash is bigger than Blue Origin’s success

The four noisy horsemen of Perl hate

'Kung Fu Panda' Hits a Sore Spot in China (2008)

15,000-year-old viruses discovered in Tibetan glacier ice

How much Covid misinformation is on Facebook? Its execs don’t want to know

Blood samples from Oct 2019 revive debate on first signs of Covid in Italy

Over ear wireless headphone recommendations for many hours of coding?

Google Delisted Hundreds of Thousands of URLs to Comply with Russian ‘VPN Law’

Tesla plans to open Superchargers to other automakers later this year

Biden Is Trying to Impose Online Censorship by Proxy

Russian vaccination IDs show Covid-19 numbers up to 5 times higher than official

Why won’t Americans get vaccinated?

Watching Jeff Bezos Go to Space Was More Depressing Than Inspiring

Fat Fritz is not the Only Ripoff and now ChessBase is Getting Sued

Troll jailed for 5 years after swatting of Twitter handle owner ends in death

DNA ‘Borg’ structures perplex scientists

Long-term orbit stability of the Apollo 11 “Eagle” Lunar Module Ascent Stage

Everything you need to know about Covid-19 vaccines

Women who are top-heavy, particularly in their stomachs, tend to face more of a stigma than women who are bottom-heavy, study finds

Cockatoos in 3 suburbs Sydney, Australia figured how to raid garbage bins, a skill that gradually spread to populations in 41 more suburbs and showed various raiding style \"subcultures\" among segments of the population.

NASA released the first seismic observations from the InSight lander, confirming Mars’ core is made of liquid metal. Previously, the only planet structure scientists understood in detail was Earth.

Research breakthrough creates crops that can grow 50% more potatoes, rice | Plants are larger, more extensive roots, better under drought stress

Too much could be dragging us down, especially when it comes to brain health. The study assessed the effects of coffee on the brain among 17,702 UK Biobank participants (aged 37-73), finding that those who drank more than six cups of coffee a day had a 53 per cent increased risk of dementia.

Controversial information spreads faster and further than non-controversial information in Reddit

A new study finds two neurotransmitters are essential for learning and may predict future math ability. The results could lead to better learning interventions for students struggling with the subject.

Children that were randomly assigned to high-quality early-childhood programs end up having substantially higher voter turnout. The effect was 4.2 times larger than the most effective adult get-out-the-vote (GOTV) interventions.

Vitamin C is Key Ingredient for Immune Cell Function, Study Shows

This new drug may kill 95-100% of breast cancer cells

Breastfeeding, even for a few days, linked to lower blood pressure in early childhood

A new approach to treating breast cancer kills 95-100% of cancer cells in mouse models of human estrogen-receptor-positive breast cancers and their metastases in bone, brain, liver, and lungs. The newly developed drug, called ErSO, quickly shrinks even large tumors to undetectable levels.

California’s carbon mitigation efforts may be thwarted by climate change itself — UCI study: Higher heat will limit ecosystem’s role in removing atmospheric CO2

Better batteries for grid-scale energy storage. New molten sodium batteries operate at lower temperatures using low- cost materials.

Targeting aging cells diminishes cytokine storm and improves immunity, reducing COVID-19 mortality by 50% in old mice

A new study by researchers on over 82,000 participants has shown that difficulty hearing spoken conversations is associated with up to 91% increased risk of dementia. This is the first study to investigate its association with dementia in a large population

New research (three studies: n1=363, n2=165, n3=219) suggests expressing gratitude by texting may be just as beneficial as an in-person show of gratitude.

Astronomers make first clear detection of a moon-forming disc around an exoplanet

Breakthrough Infections of SARS-CoV-2 Gamma Variant in Fully Vaccinated Gold Miners, French Guiana, 2021

Magic-angle twisted trilayer graphene exhibits superconductivity up to in-plane magnetic fields in excess of 10 T, exceeding the Pauli limit for conventional spin-singlet superconductors.

C is for Vitamin C—a key ingredient for immune cell function. Harnessing the combined power of Vitamin C and TET proteins may give scientists a leg up in treating autoimmune diseases.

How Early-Morning Light Exposure Makes Mice Less Depressed: A light-sensitive gene involved in regulating the body clock may also influence mood, mediating the effect of light.

Chondroitin 6-sulphate is required for neuroplasticity and memory in ageing

Seismic detection of the martian core

Pterosaurs may have been able to fly as soon as they hatched. A fossil analysis shows the hatchlings had a stronger bone crucial for lift-off than adults

Everyone cites that 'bugs are 100x more expensive to fix in production' research, but the study might not even exist

The Case for Location-Independent Salaries

Akamai Edge DNS is experiencing an outage

Migrating Facebook to MySQL 8.0

Gamasutra - The Microsoft Game Development Kit is now available for free on GitHub

Images are hard.

FreeBSD Implements Unprivileged Chroot

Writing Parsers With Parser Combinator Framework

Macros on Steroids, Or: How Can Pure C Benefit From Metaprogramming

0x7FDE623822FC16E6 : a magic constant for double float reciprocal

MoviePy - Video editing with Python

Achieving generic bliss with reflection in modern C++

How to model application flows in React with finite state machines and XState

Windows 11 in React

WordPress Development and Deployment Workflow using WP Migrate DB Pro and DeployHQ/Buddy

Creating an HTTP API with Ktor and Kotlin

Cheat Sheet on Curl Performance Metrics: how to benchmark server latency with curl

A crash course on building Docker images with GitLab public infrastructure

Web Server Logs (Nginx)

Using WebAssembly threads from C, C++ and Rust

Creating ZIP files in 255 lines of dep-free JS

Domain-Driven Refactoring: Long Methods

Implement unprivileged chroot

Fuzix on the Raspberry Pi Pico (update)

Create A Delightful Navigation Drawer For Your Android App