“They introduce kernel bugs on purpose”

Prisma – The Complete ORM for Node.js and TypeScript

Hunting down the stuck BGP routes

Netdata: Open-source real-time monitoring platform

Write Your First Quantum Program (Common Lisp)

Daily Mail owner sues Google over search results

UK government intervenes in Nvidia takeover of chip designer Arm

Show HN: High-speed UTF-8 validation in Rust

Tetris-OS: An operating system that only plays Tetris

Porting Doom to the Fastly edge serverless platform

Quantum astronomy could create telescopes hundreds of kilometers wide

.NET MAUI: .NET Multi-Platform App UI

Show HN: Manuzoid – Database of More Than 1M Manuals

Assembly vs. Intrinsics

Massively Parallel Rendering of Complex Closed-Form Implicit Surfaces (2020)

Lisp in Forth

A library of formalised undecidable problems in Coq

Apple Introduces AirTag

Our Funniest Front-End Bugs (2020)

Show HN: Mongita is to MongoDB as SQLite is to SQL

Continued Fractions in Haskell

Git from the Bottom Up (2008)

Show HN: sheet2dict – simple Python XLSX/CSV reader/to dictionary converter

Belarusian regime’s thugs shut down Imaguru, the country’s key startup hub

US owners find American-style greed doesn't play well in European soccer

Show HN: Ruby code and tools for animating Voronoi diagrams

The Landlord's Game

Show HN: I'm working on a open-source, self-hosted alternative to Disqus

Prototype Pollution (2020)

Has a remote Amazonian tribe upended our understanding of language? (2007)

The Endless Acid Banger: algorithmic self-composing acid techno music

AtoB (YC S20) – Stripe for Transportation – hiring early engineers and operators

The Greshm System [pdf]

Grafana, Loki, and Tempo will be relicensed to AGPLv3

.NET for Beginners (2020)

Spotify is killing the open podcast ecosystem (2020)

Charm delivers Stripe's carbon removal purchase ahead of schedule

mRNA vaccines – a new era in vaccinology (2018)

Remote Code Execution Found in CocoaPods

Researcher says he can link Facebook accounts to 5M email addresses per day

Discord ends deal talks with Microsoft

China’s digital yuan displaces the dollar

My Love Affair with Dozens (1972) [pdf]

Pulumi 3.0

Include-what-you-use: A tool to analyze includes in C and C++ source files

Preparing Rustls for Wider Adoption

Power consumption of Game Boy flash cartridges

Tool Links Email Addresses to Facebook Accounts in Bulk

‘It is much worse this time’: India’s devastating second wave

Show HN: Shepherd.com – Discover books in a new way, like wandering a bookstore

A database of old book illustrations

The “Granny Knot”

Show HN: I built a tool to remove unwanted elements from photos

Graphic Designers Have Always Loved Minimalism. But at What Cost?

Node.js 16 Available Now

$70 3D printed Manual Espresso Machine

Ethereum: A Store of Value with Cash Flow

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Gets 'Freedom Expression' Award Sponsored by YouTube

An opinionated map of incremental and streaming systems (2018)

Car Connectivity Consortium

Show HN: The simplest React state manager now at stable release

Prank Windows XP simulator

Geico data breach exposed customers’ driver’s license numbers

Software designers, not engineers: An interview from alternative universe

PSPad: A freeware programmer's editor for Windows

Cerebras Systems Smashes the 2.5T Transistor Mark

Heating Water with Fire (2019)

Margin Notes: Automatic documentation with recorded examples from runtime (2018)

Hackers post 25,971 files stolen from Broward schools

The Hotdog web browser and browser engine

Zenreader: A 4.7\" E-Ink RSS Reader

Apple TV 4K Gets A12 Bionic

Mastodon Renaming “Toots” to “Posts”

A Connecticut inn has hosted sea chantey singalongs for half a century

Sunny Land – A WebGL Playground Platformer

Munin Website Redesigned

Open Source Goes to Mars

Bug in Notepad Involving Asterisk in Title Bar

Foxconn reaches new deal with Wisconsin on scaled-back US plant

Small cities in America’s Mountain West are booming

Facebook wants to 'normalize' the mass scraping of personal data

Ambigrammatic Figures (2020)

N.H.-Based Video Platform Attracts Users Banned Elsewhere

Cerebras Unveils Wafer Scale Engine Two (WSE2): 2.6T Transistors, 100% Yield

Dr. Quinn official website from 1998, still online

UK government: no more smart motorways without stopped car detection

iPad Pro M1

Large-Scale Abuse of Contact Discovery in Mobile Messengers [pdf]

Reading the AGPL

Cicoparser: Full game reverse engineering [video]

Ask HN: Show me the sexy, sexy home page of your favorite free CLI project

New iMac with Vesa Mount

India’s Mini-Craze for Bicycling Around the World

Decentralized data storage has finally landed

Ask HN: How do you keep track of releases/deployments of dozens micro-services?

Basic Music Theory in ~200 Lines of Python

Auth0 Has been down for almost 4 hours now

FiiO M3K review – a pocketable-high quality audio player (2018)

Why Specifications Don't Compose

Understanding Indirect Time-of-Flight Depth Sensing

Herman and the Serpent

Show HN: I made a Hacker News for the automotive industry

Neighbour manages to pollute the 2.4 ghz spectrum with his 120 IoT devices

Forced unemployment and second-class status: Google's data center contractors

You Are Not ‘Behind’ (2016)

A curated list of JavaScript tooling not written in JavaScript

Robinhood Files S-1

The idea that everything is conscious is gaining academic credibility (2018)

Dissecting the Apple M1 GPU, Part III

Python Software Foundation Is Hiring a Python Packaging Project Manager

The Golden Age of Compiler Design in an Era of HW/SW Co-Design – Chris Lattner

DIY Camera Using Raspberry Pi

IBM employee forced to stop kernel work under personal email address

Shadow Simulator – run real applications over a simulated Internet topology

Mac mini is now configurable with 10 Gigabit Ethernet

In ‘The Twelve Lives of Alfred Hitchcock,’ the contradictions made the man

Prolog for Beginners

Wormhole-crypto: Streaming encryption based on Encrypted Content-Encoding

Software Infrastructure 2.0: A Wishlist

How often do people copy and paste from Stack Overflow?

Everybody Hates “FLoC”

The Last Men’s Hotel in Chicago

Home ownership is the West’s biggest economic-policy mistake

Show HN: Curated Moon site to learn why explore the Moon as we send humans again

YouTube CEO receives freedom of expression award sponsored by YouTube itself

Product placements may be added to classic films

Drones Light Up Shanghai’s Sky with a QR Code

Stealthy Dopant-Level Hardware Trojans (2013) [pdf]

Manage Work, Not People

Remove Background Image Automatically

Bank of England to explore a potential Central Bank Digital Currency

Tail latency might matter more than you think

Microsoft says mandatory password changing is “ancient and obsolete” (2019)

Cloudflare Images

Deriving the piano keyboard from biological principles using clustering

Representing SHA-256 Hashes as Avatars

New Chia coin crypto with Proof of Space may create shortage of storage device

Job board to work on problems like climate change and food insecurity

Reddit Search: A search engine for Reddit indexable by user, subreddit, and date

Open source “split-flap” mechanical display

YouTube demonetises James Charles over sexual misconduct allegations

J2 open processor: an open source processor using the SuperH ISA

GCC 11.1 RC Released, GCC 12 in Development on Trunk

Association of sleep duration in middle and old age with incidence of dementia

What's in the Box?

Livebook: A collaborative and interactive code notebook for Elixir

Open source self-hostable auth0 alternative

Show HN: React Flow – library for creating node based editors and apps

Show HN: Side project passed $2.5k/mo revenue after 2 years (Phoenix and Vue)

DefCon's Warrant Canary Expired


PiDP-11 – Recreating PDP-11/70 with Raspberry Pi

Tongue Twisters: In search of the world’s hardest language (2009)

Gʀᴀᴘʜɪᴄs Cᴏᴅᴇx -free online computer graphics rendering and ray tracing textbook

Born secret – the heavy burden of bomb physics

MirkoPC – a Raspberry Pi CM4-powered computer made in Poland

ArchiveBox: Open-source self-hosted web archiving

Test for lists in Cython

Proposal: expression to create pointer to simple types

OpenAI-Powered Linux Shell Uses AI to Do What You Mean

Record and replay websites by capturing browser syscalls

Executable Tutorials

Remote code execution vulnerabilities in Cosori smart air fryer

Internet Search Tips

Geico data breach exposed customers' driver's license numbers

American Humanist Association Statement Withdrawing Honor from Richard Dawkins

OpenGL Back End for MXNet/TVM

Volumio – The Audiophile Music Player

Book review on the history of modern Singapore

How does Startups pay salaries when they raise only 125k USD?

Cosmism: Russia's Religion for the Rocket Age

Daily Mail owner files antitrust suit against Google in US

Linux Kernel: The multi-generational LRU

Most artists are not making money off NFTs and here are some graphs to prove it

All-new iMac features the M1 chip

Yayagram, built with Raspberry Pi to help the elderly communicate via Telegram

Jumping Frenchmen of Maine

What's Next for Visual Studio?

Start a Business from Plastic Waste

Hire me and pay what you want, just give me interesting work

MSFT is building a new app store for Windows 10 in major revitalization effort

OpenSSH 8.6 Released

Can We Terraform Mars?

Unsettling capital letters

First Flight of the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter [video]

This is what Doom looks like on a holographic display

Show HN: Starboard Observable – An open source ObservableHQ notebook editor

Visual Studio 2022

Spring in the Middle Ages

Technologies could hold back business travel

They Hacked McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines–and Started a Cold War

Bitcoin Blockchain Visualization

Everyone Loves the $100M Deli

The Story of the SolarWinds Hack

How to Read Shader Assembly

Proposed acquisition of ARM Limited by NVIDIA: public interest intervention

The terrifyingly prescient ‘Serial Experiments Lain,’ 20 years later (2018)

Ask HN: Does anyone use an Oura sleep ring?

Show HN: I built a Guitar Hero robot [video]

Replace Google Analytics with a shell script

Paternoster Lift

Apple Introduces Next-Generation iPad Pro with M1, Thunderbolt, 5G, and XDR

Thanks for the Bonus, I Quit

Turning an iPad Pro into a classic Macintosh

Soviet children’s books became collectors’ items in India

Airbnb Deploys 125,000 Times per Year with Multicluster Kubernetes

Apple Podcasts Subscriptions

Cost Of Goods Sold

Ask HN: What's your favourite, but dead business/project, that's due a revival?

Huawei ‘may have eavesdropped on Dutch mobile network’s calls’

Show HN: Just launched my online learning startup (3 years solo indie hacking)

Sleeping Too Little in Middle-Age May Raise Dementia Risk, Study Finds

Reverse-engineering a vintage comparator chip

Facebook gives money to America’s biggest news organizations

Dating Sites Are Not Built for Men

Ask HN: 2021 Longest running database-backed app in production?

Chuck Geschke has died

SmartFarm device to harvest air moisture for self-sustaining urban farming

IPTIA Fidonet/Usenet Message Archive

S.1024 – The Bust Up Big Tech Act [pdf]

Where to see the oldest living things on Earth (2019)

Codecov breach impacts GoDaddy, Atlassian, P&G etc.

Show HN: Science and math-flavored programming problems for beginners

Why work lost its worth

Nextdoor will alert users if it thinks they’re about to post something racist

Firefox 88.0

Ask HN: How do you become an active reader and deep thinker?

Spy agency taps into undersea cable (May 2001)

Thinkpad X230 with “e-Ink” display at 30fps [video]

Content-aware image resizing in JavaScript

Reddit unveils its Clubhouse clone: Reddit Talk

Ask HN: Which stack for prototyping?

Why we chose Elm for Humio’s web UI

Canadian LTE carrier suffers nationwide outage

Missing Arctic ice fueled the “Beast of the East” winter storm

Novel hydrogels can safely remove graffiti from vandalized street art

Retro nostalgia and why my new website looks like Window 9x (2019)

What is the hardest language in the world to lip-read? (2020)

No, Why Are So Many Christians in Colombia Converting to Orthodox

AMD's EPYC Milan Breaks Cinebench Record, Here's a 10nm Ice Lake Xeon Comparison

5G: The outsourced elephant in the room

Curl those funny IPv4 addresses

How to stop writing like you’re in college

How Developers Choose Names

Show HN: Farolero – Common Lisp style-conditions and restarts for Clojure

Microsoft Previews Rust for Windows

The Glossary of Happiness

Two people killed in fiery Tesla crash with no one driving

The Girl in the Kent State Photo

A Global Tipping Point for Reining in Tech Has Arrived

New study finds birds give people as much happiness as money

The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

Supreme Court Asked to Compel Airing of Secret Intelligence Court’s Decisions

Smartphones can detect solar storms

Loongson Technology develops its own CPU instruction set architecture

B. Traven

Pandemic Prices: Assessing Inflation in the Months and Years Ahead

Proposal: Treat FLoC as a security concern

When 70M people visit your joke site

FTC Statement on Ethical AI

Chdir to cwd: permission denied

Ask HN: Dotfiles Management Tools?

Standard Notes is a safe place for your notes, thoughts, and life's work

A List of Hacker News's Undocumented Features and Behaviors (2018-20)

Show HN: Giving my mother-in-law an easy internet radio with real icon buttons

Buying an MP3 Player in 2018

Reverse-engineering a vintage comparator chip

China launches app for citizens to report anyone who has 'mistaken opinions'

On the Epidemiology of Influenza (2008)

Wild mammals have declined by 85% since the rise of humans

Rediscovering Hamming Code

Dürer shaped the modern world

Water crisis took toll on Flint adults’ physical, mental health

Show HN: Slideo – Synchronize Slides with Video Using Computer Vision (OpenCV)

The Lone Coder

I'd like to review your README

EPA approves first release of genetically modified mosquitoes in Florida Keys

Google Play apps steal your messages and pepper you with authorized purchases

Suicide rates are rising among U.S. nurses

Ask HN: Recommend Adult ADHD coach and/or business coach?

Stamping the joy out of collectors

Word usage guidance and alternative terms

'Information theory' recruited to help scientists find cancer genes

Robinhood Trader May Face $800k Tax Bill

Ask HN: Does anyone else find the AWS Lambda developer experience frustrating?

New optics-on-a-chip for capturing fast chemical, material, biological processes

Ask HN: What was the biggest leadership challenge of your career?

Ask HN: How do you run better meetings?

Connectors That Changed the World

Onboarding with an M1

Harvard Diploma for Sale

European Super League collapsing as all six English clubs withdraw

Alienware Doesn’t Want You to Buy an AMD Ryzen PC

Do brain implants change your identity?

Cerebras Second-Gen Wafer Scale Chip: 2.6T 7nm Transistors 850k Cores

Self-Supervised Video Object Segmentation by Motion Grouping

Are McMansions Making People Any Happier?

Public-ownership rental as a third option to renting or owning a house

Chuck Geschke, Father of Desktop Publishing, Dies at 81

Show HN: Altsear.ch - you can get by without using Google/Yahoo/Bing to search

No Sandbox – Applications That Run Chromium Without the Sandbox

Boeing 747s still get critical updates via floppy disks

PostScript Language Reference (1999) [pdf]

List of Google Easter Eggs

Internal Consistency in Streaming Systems

The Bomb Didn’t Beat Japan Stalin Did (2013)

Trapped in the Technologist Factory

The Smart 5G City Means Permanent Surveillance and Risk

The Many Faces of Berlin U-Bahn Line U7

CdnChildProtect crawler causing child abuse images uploaded to SauceNAO

Introduction to Machine Learning for Finance

Microsoft disables Google's FLoC tracking in Microsoft Edge, for now

Shanghai Is Now the Most Expensive City in the World

Show HN: hackernews.roundtable.audio turns HN posts into live audio discussions

Ask HN: What things are growing exponentially nowadays? (2021)

Ten scientific reasons in support of airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2

Sex workers explain why the Safe Tech Act will break the internet

PEP 563 (postponed evaluation of annotations) delayed till 3.11

Ask HN: I bought Voltaren at the chemist, now Google shows me ads for it. Why?

Credit card companies are tracking shoppers like never before

What’s the origin of the phrase “big data doesn’t fit in excel”?

UK to mount fresh assault on end-to-end encryption in Facebook

Poetry in the Abstract: What happens when scientists write haiku?

Backdoored developer tool that stole credentials escaped notice for 3 months

Show HN: Easy cloud instance comparison (AWS, GCP, Azure, IBM, Alibaba and more)

Visual Studio 2022

Mark Zuckerberg announces Facebook is working on a Clubhouse clone

Detergent DRM Defeated on Diminutive Dishwasher

Show HN: Melange – Bet on Anything

Show HN: Compare news from the political left and right

Ask HN: I'd like to start a company, where should I begin?

Making a Concave Mirror Using 15th Century Technology (2018)

Manic Miner 2021 for the BBC Micro

The Road from Rome

Regulators urge safety recall of Peloton treadmill after child dies

Early YC Founders' Non-Linear Success on HN

Spain is about to shatter the gig economy’s algorithmic black box

Huawei was able to eavesdrop on Dutch mobile network KPN: Report

Show HN: Pixel Physics

Show HN: Decentralized Comment Hosting Powered by IPFS

Reducing Rust Incremental Compilation Times on macOS

Gandi.net Major Outage

Actually It’s a $2 Billion Deli

iMac 24-inch

Nobody Expects...

War Stories: Subnautica made players love being hunted by sea creatures (2019)

Show HN: A VT52 Emulator Running in Ncurses

Experts say Instagram for kids is a terrible idea

Nassim Taleb: Bitcoin failed as a currency and became a speculative ponzi scheme

Are top websites using WebGL for fingerprinting?

'Super Mario 64 Plus' Is an Unofficial PC Port with 60FPS and a Permadeath Mode

Apple Event – April 20 [Live]

Zorin OS 16

Show HN: Aidmin – Web-based database GUI

WinGet is terrible, I want AppGet back

Bitcoin mining hash rate drops as blackouts instituted in China

I Implemented /dev/printerfact in Rust

A smartphone with a fluid lens

Trust in blockchain-based systems

Having fun with CP/M on a Z80 single-board computer

Product-focused and sales-focused companies

How Slow is JavaScript Really? JavaScript vs. C++ [video]

Everything Easy is Hard Again (2018)

Texas police to demand Tesla crash data as Musk denies autopilot use

Show HN: Free Remote jobs search platform with verified handpicked jobs

Facebook bullies third-party apps Swipe and Simple Social into oblivion

Spanking is linked to adverse physical, psychological, and behavioral outcomes

Britain should join America (1999)

Gnome 40 – The anti-desktop desktop

Satellite Images Show Russia’s Expanding Ukraine Buildup

Mac Plus made of legos at 1:1 scale

A potato battery can light up a room for over a month (2013)

Foundations of Complexity Economics

How fit can you get from just walking?

Bzg/woof: online monitor for mailing list based patch workflow

Microsoft XCloud Beta for iPhone and iPad to Launch This Week

The Curious Case of Port 0 (2019) [pdf]

$ ssh sshchat.hackclub.com

‘Things’ in Fiction Shape the Way We Read

WeWork will accept crypto as payment, hold digital currency on its balance sheet

GitHub reinstated youtube-dl but restoring forks is apparently a problem

Questions to ask in a job interview that reveal company culture

Kinematic Self-Replicating Machines (2004)

Librem 14 begins shipping

Australian judge rules Google misled Android users on data

Players will be able to continue to purchase games on PS3 and PS Vita

YouTube Sponsored Freedom of Expression Award Goes to YouTube CEO [video]

Show HN: My Tiny Little Infinite Universe

Russia is considering leaving the ISS for its own space station

Logging Virtual Race Results with Selenium, Cron and Python

Etsy shut down our shop, with no notice, warning, or reason

Start building your own private network on Cloudflare today

Hardware Failure on EC2

Nil-by-mouth foodie: A chef who will never eat again

How to Draw Orbits – Kernel Space Program Dev Blog

Show HN: Daydreamer – put your ideas on a timeline

The Rise of North Korea's Hacking Army

Wikimedia: wprov

Defining a new HTTP method: HTTP SEARCH

The signs that make a city

There’s a new 'double mutant' Covid-19 variant in India

Brain on code: Researchers decipher neural mechanics of computer programming

What is randomart produced by SSH-keygen? (2009)

Explained: New Navy UFO Videos

The UML in the Age of Agile: Why It’s Still Relevant

China is banning one of the largest Bitcoin mining hubs

Ask HN: What are this year's buzzwords?

Ask HN: What Happened to Indie Hackers?

Corrupt Signal DB issue crashing App and losing data

First steps with Rust

SPAC Wipeout Is Punishing Followers of Chamath Palihapitiya

Lost Painting Buried Under a Picasso Rediscovered, 3D Printed, and Tokenized

The future of work is not working

Show HN: Engineers, Want to Debug JSON Web Token? Refer JWT Tool

Real estate agent-owned homes are on the market longer and sell for more (2005)

Heard instinct: Deafness and the prosthetics for overcoming it

Maudslay's Methods of Originating Screws

Blocking Unwanted YouTube Video Segments

Librem 14 in Pictures

AI pinpoints local pollution hotspots using satellite images

Reverse-engineering a vintage comparator chip

Rise of the 10x Class (2020)

Wat (2012) [video]

Czech PM claims Russia played major role in 2014 ammunition warehouse explosion

Grigori Perelman (Solver of Poincare Conjecture)

There’s a Name for the Blah You’re Feeling: It’s Called Languishing

The genius behind early Russian space tech

Sign for a ban on biometric mass surveillance

JavaScript IMAGE CARVER, a content-aware image resizer

Geico admits fraudsters stole customers’ driver’s license numbers for months

Ask HN: Considering colocated hosting over cloud, what should I know?

The first worlds first decentralized dating platform for the crypto elite

Is herd immunity to Covid-19 possible? Experts increasingly say no

Pangolin UI, a Desktop Shell, Written in Flutter, for Linux and Zircona

Google introducing feature in Chrome 90 to create links to highlighted text

SolarWinds hacking campaign puts Microsoft in hot seat

A Universal I/O Abstraction for C++ (2020)

Show HN: A python-requests wrapper with retry attempts and backoff delays

Element – A Discord alternative that's self hostable and open source

ShortDOI Service (2013)

Seam carving (2020) [video]

NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Succeeds in Historic First Flight

We instinctively add on new features and fixes. Why don’t we subtract instead?

How the Pandemic Did, and Didn't, Change Where Americans Move

Privilege and Inequality in Silicon Valley

Ask HN: Who uses ontologies in practice and for what use case?

Mathematicians Settle the Erdős Coloring Conjecture

Buy it for life: Durable, Quality, Practical

Architecture of a desktop-like SPA

How to build an app, get acquired by GitHub, buy it back and then sell it again

QEMU Interactive Runtime Analyser

Firefox to regularly nag users to change their default browser

Ask HN: Was Hacker News ever pro-Bitcoin?

Ask HN: What do you do to improve your cognitive abilities?

Ask HN: Good resources to become a better Product Manager?

Battle of the Python Dashboarding Giants: Streamlit vs. Dash vs. Voilà vs. Panel

Mars helicopter flight scheduled for Monday 6:15 AM ET

President of Chad Killed on the Battlefield

The humble shrub that’s predicting a terrible fire season

Languages of New York City – Interactive Map

Patent Loving Judge Keeps Pissing Off Patent Appeals Court, Doesn't Seem to Care

Pierre Janet and the budget of life

New study shows Pfizer’s vaccine can prevent Covid-19 transmission

Hester Ford, oldest living American, has died at 116

Star Trek and Design

China’s Dystopian “New IP” Plan for a New Internet

Ask HN: Is there an accounting platform for a crypto first company?

Ask HN: What Blogging Platform or Technology?

Microsoft launches Edge Kids Mode, the first kid-friendly version of a browser

Immigration Policies an Ongoing Concern to AI Researchers

Conference on the Future of Europe

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Succeeds in Historic First Flight

Laser-equipped robots to zap weeds on farmland

How to feel worthwhile as a manager when my people are doing all the work?

Mice fed fast food get noticeably stupider, scientists warn

Augmented reality will exacerbate our unhealthy relationship with technology

“Chrome Memories” – An Early Look at Google’s UI Update to History

Misinformation about Permissions Policy and FLoC

Tesla safety report claims to be 2x safer than other cars

Why Spy Agencies Say the Future Is Bleak

Attention in the Human Brain and Its Applications in ML

Ask HN: What Are You Working On?

Ask HN: Can you get a job without LeetCode?

Amazon Tried to Coerce Ecobee into Collecting Private User Data, the WSJ Reports

The mystery of disappearing drone swarms in the US Midwest

Google used ‘double-Irish’ to shift $75.4B in profits out of Ireland

New biotech company from Bristol uses linoleic acid as pan coronavirus antiviral

7 Years of Open-Source Database Development: Lessons Learned

Clubhouse closes new round of funding that would value app at $4B

One Way to Get People Off the Streets: Buy Hotels

Apple agrees to let Parler back on the App Store

Scaling Kubernetes with Assurance at Pinterest

Wireless USB

Policing the Police by scraping court data

I Am Sophie Zhang, Whistleblower at FB. AMA

OnePlus Watch: The Worst Smartwatch I've Ever Used

Microsoft Edge Adds a 'Kids Mode' Limiting Browsing to 70 Web Sites

Walter F. Mondale, Carter’s vice president who lost White House bid, dies at 93

Old Person Smell

Microsoft should just admit defeat and give Windows 10 keys away for free

Roundup causes high levels of mortality following contact exposure in bumble bees | Bees exhibited 94% mortality with Roundup Ready‐To‐Use and 30% mortality with Roundup ProActive. Roundup products caused comprehensive matting of bee body hair, causing death by incapacitating the gas exchange system

Fallout from nuclear bomb tests in the 1950s and '60s is showing up in U.S. honey, according to a new study. The findings reveal that thousands of kilometers from the nearest bomb site and more than 50 years after the bombs fell, radioactive fallout is still cycling through plants and animals.

When flushing public toilets, don’t linger, because aerosolized droplets can be detected at heights of 5 feet for 20 seconds after a flush, even with a closed lid. Aerosolized droplets play a central role in the transmission of infectious diseases, including gastroenteritis and COVID-19.

Anti-maskers believe masks are ineffective, and have psychological reactance, an aversion to being forced to wear masks. They are linked to negative attitudes towards COVID-19 vaccination, beliefs that the threat has been exaggerated, disregard for social distancing, and political conservatism.

Omega-3 supplements may help slow the effects of aging by suppressing damage & boosting protection at the cellular level during & after a stressful event. A study found the highest dose tested, 2.5 grams of omega-3s daily, was best at helping the body resist the damaging effects of stress.

Causal link found between food allergies and changes to infant gut bacteria due to method of childbirth, and mother’s ethnicity. Babies born by caesarean section to mothers of Asian descent are eight times more likely to develop peanut allergy by age three.

Sleeping Too Little in Middle Age May Increase Dementia Risk. People who consistently reported sleeping six hours or less on an average weeknight were about 30 percent more likely than people who regularly got seven hours sleep to be diagnosed with dementia nearly three decades later.

As much as 15 percent of the population may have persistent difficulty distinguishing left from right according to a study done in The Netherlands. 42.9 % of the participants said they consulted their hands for help. Some used more specialized strategies.

Discarded COVID-19 PPE such as masks can be deadly to wildlife

Bangladeshi scientists have made a breakthrough in developing an environment friendly non-toxic solar cell named copper bismuth oxide (CuBi2O4) absorber based, thin film heterojunction solar cell.

Deep brain stimulation has been found to help people with severe obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) that has not responded to other treatment.

The study showed that exercise frequency was associated with social relationships, sense of community, and subjective happiness in adolescents. It can be concluded that adolescents who participate in frequent exercise become more socially adept, which could in turn make them happier.

Sex differences in the human pelvis did not evolve during 'encephalization' - a period in evolution when the human brain ballooned in size, but probably preceded it. The researchers compared the pelvic sex differences in humans with those in chimpanzees and found that the patterns were identical.

Monitoring indoor carbon dioxide levels can predict how COVID-safe a room is

Researchers have established that Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) include radio waves at frequencies lower than ever detected before, a discovery that redraws the boundaries for theoretical astrophysicists trying to put their finger on the source of FRBs.

The science of spin: targeted strategies to manufacture doubt with detrimental effects on environmental and public health (climate change, coal pollution, tobacco, sugar, endocrine disruptors, & atrazine)

New research suggesting MRI image quality may be confounding some studies focused on brain structure

Mechanism of misfolding of the human prion protein revealed by a pathological mutation

\"If you are a big old male Weddell seal, the ladies will love you\" – explains new peer-reviewed research on male Weddell seals sexual selection in Antarctica.

Corals’ hidden genetic diversity corresponds to distinct lifestyles

Americans wrote more blackout tweets during the pandemic compared to the previous year. Findings suggest that high-risk drinking persisted during the pandemic despite the habit posing novel risks. Increased alcohol consumption could have lasting effects beyond the pandemic similar to SARS outbreak.

Links between receiving Facebook Likes, self-esteem and happiness- Updating frequency led to an increase in Likes. Receiving Likes on Facebook is related to an increase in perceived happiness. Self-esteem mediates the relationship between receiving Likes and happiness.

Music improves older adults' sleep quality. Older adults who listened to sedative music experienced a greater improvement in sleep quality than those who listened to more rhythmic music. Furthermore, listening to music for longer than four weeks was especially effective at improving sleep quality.

The Everglades Agricultural Area Soil Subsidence Sustainability Has Been Decreasing Since 1924

Gene Therapy Shows Promise in Initial Trial for Patients with Childhood Blindness. The therapy delivers working copies of GUCY2D to the eyes of patients who have severe vision impairments caused by mutations in the gene.

IBM employee forced to stop kernel work for using personal email address

Auth0 has been down for 2+ hours with the root cause still unidentified

Is it Pokémon or Big Data?

CVE-2021-30481: Source engine remote code execution via game invites

Grafana, Loki, and Tempo will be relicensed to AGPLv3

10K visitors in one day: how I launched a Netflix recommendation app

Node.js v16 released

Listing the contents of a remote ZIP archive, without downloading the entire file

Node.js 16 introduces Apple Silicon support

Localizing dates in a Perl web application

Don't POOP - The Partial/Optional Object Population Anti-Pattern

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