Second-Order Thinking: What Smart People Use to Outperform

Breaking all macOS security layers with a single vulnerability

Tailscale changes its Android app to support the open source Headscale server

Horizon Linux: arm64 Linux patched to run programs for the Nintendo Switch

Ask HN: Can I see your scripts?

There are many ways to fail to read a file in a C program

Uniquely preserved medieval kitchen unearthed north of Moravia

The value of owning more books than you can read (2018)

Stitching – A Python package for fast and robust Image Stitching (Panoramas)

Declining quality of consumer-grade products – 2009 fridge compressor autopsy

Habitual GPS use negatively impacts spatial memory during self-guided navigation

Feedback on Snouters

Deepnote (YC S19) is hiring to build a better data science notebook (Europe)

John Muir's Alarm Clock Desk

Labstack/echo: High performance, minimalist Go web framework

The Epsilon Method

To Reinvent the Processor (2019)

AWS GuardDuty – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Copyright infringement in artificial intelligence art

My network home setup v3.0

300-yr Pacific Northwest megathrust earthquake

$100M ARR in 18 months: Wiz becomes the fastest-growing software company ever

Download the full collection of Paul Graham essays in ePub for easy reading

Show HN: Teapodo (Lightweight Audio Editor) Now Supports VST/AU Plugins

Ask HN: How to find a small town to relocate for remote work?

Using your SIM card for MFA when logging in to an SSH server

What happens if you point two CNAMEs at each other? Not much, really

How to Delete Gmail Attachments Without Deleting the Emails

Website to Sign Up for the Lyme Disease Vaccine Phase 3 Trial

The World of Egyptian Demons

Stupid SMP Tricks: A Review of Locking Engineering Principles and Hierarchy

Ask HN: Depressed, need to leave web development, what can I do?

Mare Nostrum? Exploring the Adriatic as a single historical space

Show HN: Sale – A live cash register for your Stripe account

A Buffalo Photographer’s Dignified Look at the Passage of Time

Planning to Analyze My Browsing History (2019)

WaniKani, a Kanji Learning Application

Google Titan M: Hey, Google! It's time to redeem your promise.

Milwaukee Tool Raises the Bar with New USA Factory

Who Cares if it Scales?

Rudra: Finding Memory Safety Bugs in Rust at the Ecosystem Scale

Hacker News moved off AWS again at 10:17 PM PST

Oasis: Small statically-linked Linux system

Cha Bu Duo: The expression that fills western manufacturers in China with dread

Three papers highlight results of record yield nuclear fusion shot

Show HN: A web text-editor where you can write, compute and draw

Ask HN: Never held a job. In what ways companies use email internally nowadays?

Beyond net-zero: We should cool the planet back to pre-industrial levels

Mexican Loan Apps, Extortion, and the Google Play Store

Violence, the Fundamental Attribution Error, and Contempt for the Poor

Ask HN: Nightmares about Missing Work

Will Bun JavaScript Take Node's Crown

Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming (1992)

Living on a Reduced Income in 1868

Best Programming Language – John Carmack and Lex Fridman

Automation of Canon camera using their WiFi-based Camera Control API (CCAPI)

Law enforcement took more stuff from people than burglars did last year (2015)

Chrome was delivered without any sprints at all (2021)

Show HN: Xklb – organize your media when it is too big to think about

Preparedness Paradox

Patients with type 1 diabetes clamoring to buy old pumps with a security flaw

Puppertino: A CSS framework based on Human Guidelines from Apple

Ask HN: Where can I retire from corporate life?

Certifying Interpreters in Racket

Efficient simulation through linear algebra

Quantum ID

Zoom macOS app quietly added back cs.disable-library-validation entitlement

The Decommoditization of Protocols (1998)

The dark ages of history, circa 2030

Checkmake: Experimental Linter/Analyzer for Makefiles

Page was served from Nginx on ReactOS

Browser password managers – flawed security, by design

Outage Stories: The copy and paste outage

I hacked my car

Ask HN: How can a product like ClickUp grow so fast (or even grow at all)?

Apple Finds Its Next Big Business: Showing Ads on Your iPhone

Automatically rotate Docker Swarm secrets with Docker-sdp

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job

OctoPrint: Snappy web interface for your 3D printer

Rust in Perspective

Muxfs – a mirroring, checksumming, and self-healing filesystem layer for OpenBSD

Gravity Probe B

The Green War on Clean Energy

Show HN: Anysphere, home for important, long-form conversations

Activities for Boring Meetings (2012)

An Astronomer's Introduction to NumPyro

Quirky computing books

LeapDB: Incrementally refreshable materialized views / column store for MySQL 8

Engineering Designs in Planiverse – Computer Contact with a 2-Dimensional World

Your price at the pump went up. So did Saudi Aramco's profits – to a new record

Reflections on a Year of Reading Knuth

Quorn Fermentation and Evolution in Fermenters

Will that college degree pay off? You can see the numbers

libtmux: Python API / Wrapper for tmux

Hacker News Predictions

Linux 6.0 debuts, missing some Rusty bits and a magic mushroom reference

Auto Traffic Control – A gRPC Programming Air Traffic Control Game

Show HN: A VNC viewer for eInk devices capable of 30 FPS when writing text

The Zoom installer let a researcher hack his way to root access on macOS

“Logistics”, an 857-hour movie, tracks a pedometer from shop back to factory

Caste in California: Tech giants confront ancient Indian hierarchy

Mandela Effect as evidence for shared and specific false memories across people

Boom Supersonic’s jet testing worries atmospheric scientists

Does the dog die?

CDC deletes statement that “mRNA and spike protein do not last long in the body”

Status Traps: Learning from Web2 Social Networks

Metastable Failures in the Wild

What to know to begin fixing amplifiers [video]

Study achieves longest continuous tracking of migrating insects

Forecasting of energy consumption by G20 countries

Elements of Programming (2019)

Colorado’s New Restrictions on Non-Compete Agreements

How to Run a Standing Team Call

CEO Shadow Program

What is TTY?

ADPS – Digital Communication of Doomsday

Lisp-Stat: An Environment for Statistical Computing

Search Warrants for Abortion Data Leave Tech Companies Few Options

Slab City reaches its boiling point

Electric vehicles are way more energy-efficient than internal combustion

The open source paradox (2020)

ID This SciFi Short Story

What I've learned from the world's elite is that hustle culture has it all wrong

Making Your Code Look Pretty

Sick Codes has jailbroken a John Deere

Ask HN: What is something you built but never marketed?

Cast iron leet

The UK Online Safety Bill Attacks Free Speech and Encryption

Ask HN: How do you decide which language/tech stack to learn?

The Remote Pop-In (2021)

Erg: a statically typed language that is Python compatible


Show HN: I've made a GPU-based wavelet spectrogram tool for birdsongs

The credit score system is broken, critics say

Introducing Horizon Linux!

Study finds link between 'forever chemicals' in cookware and liver cancer

Observations on tragedy in a digital age

Faster Protocol Buffers (2019)

Cmkr: Modern build system based on CMake and TOML

Ideas for DataScript 2

Autodesk criticised by 35 named architects (2020)

A software engineer's circuitous journey to calculate eigenvalues

Pi-Hole vs. DNS Privacy

The hacking of Starlink terminals has begun

A New Jailbreak for John Deere Tractors Rides the Right-to-Repair Wave

6G: Scientists find terahertz radiation boosts brain cell growth in mice

Dogelang – A Python with Haskell Syntax (2020)

Why the Market Is Bouncing

X-in-Y Lines of Code

Tough times on the road to Starcraft (2012)

California Megastorm

Future megaflood in California likely, could cause up to $1T in damage

Samurai: Ninja-compatible build tool written in C

Michael Abrash’s Graphics Programming Black Book, Special Edition

Ask HN: What podcasts are you listening to?

cproc – Small C11 compiler based on QBE

Show HN: Site Visits a VR and screen-based installation series

The first point-release for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS is now available

First Eco-Friendly Filter Removing 'Microplastics in Water,'

Severance is the workplace thriller we’ve needed

Modern Malaise

How to get a PhD in mathematics in a timely fashion (2020) [pdf]

Ambulance returns patient with broken leg to accident scene in Japan (Covid-19)

Goat Rental – Hire Goats

The layoffs at Klarna

Launch HN: Pana (YC S22) – Social Trust Banking with a US Latino Focus

Ask HN: Weird Credit Card Stuff

Ask HN: How to store large amounts of data on paper with QR code like tech?

Apple may soon bring more ads to your iPhone

Swedish tech startups and scaleups

The Bay Area's lost streetcars

UTC vs. UT1 time and other nuances (2020)

Miniature MRI – an MRI the size of the palm of your hand

Show HN: Rocket Drone, a lunar lander type game for the web

Split Brain Psychology

Logic Through the Lens of Neural Networks

Zellij: A terminal workspace with batteries included

Human capital, innovation, and growth

Cancer in the Cold

Google Says Clicking on Your Site in Google Search Won't Help Your Rankings

Logistics, How Did They Do It, Part III: On the Move

Ask HN: Does HN scrape submitted links?

Apple Remains Silent About Plans to Detect Known CSAM Stored in iCloud Photos

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Makefiles

Speedcubing kid can skip last layer by learning 3915 algorithms for every case

Norway Authorities Kill Freya the Walrus

Email Done My Way, Part 0 – The Journey

The Genius of 2x4 Framing

AI Guidance for Mental Resilience

Getting the World Record in Hatetris (The Hardest Version of Tetris)

Sony Unlocks In-Camera Forgery-Proof Technology

As an artist I am concerned about AI image generation

Show HN: shortcommand – Easily run a set of commands quickly using a YAML file

The Supreme Korean court says that scraping publicly available data is legal

Why should I have written ZeroMQ in C, not C++ (2012)

Rufus: Microsoft is blocking Windows ISO downloads

Man who robbed bank to get his own money back hailed as national hero

From XON/XOFF to Forward Incremental Search

Metamaterial-based model of the Alcubierre warp drive

Seoul to lay out conditions for joining Chip 4 alliance, not ruin China exports

Rob Pike's simple C regex matcher in Go

Improving Postgres text search speed

WinterCG: Web-Interoperable Runtimes Community Group

NthLink VPN found to be using same pre-shared keys for all users

Local simulation feature to be removed from all Autodesk Fusion 360 versions

Overrun by influencers, historic sites are banning TikTok creators in Nepal

Apple held up Telegram’s latest update over emoji

A vaccine for Lyme disease is in its final clinical trial

I've been designing a language since 2009 – friends and I implemented a beta

Design of a Modern Cache (2016)

John Carmack: Best Programming Setup and IDE – Lex Fridman Podcast Clips

VLC media player banned in India

The '3.5% rule': How a small minority can change the world

Why overthinkers struggle with remote work

Why employees want to work in vilified industries

Family Spends 48 Hours in the Wild Due to Google Maps

Ask HN: I just hate working in teams

A Relativistic Theory of Consciousness

Understanding Masa Son’s Rationality

Intel 286 secrets: ICE mode and F1 0F 04

On being tired

Japanese vegetable cutting techniques (2021)

Ask HN: What are examples of activities/bets with asymmetric upside?

Chasing gigacorns: Five things we learnt about investing in climate tech

Ask HN: Aging and learning. Does it become more difficult?

Unity signs “multi-million dollar” contract to help U.S. government with defense

Most of New York’s trash still goes into a hole in the ground

It’s raining PFAS: rainwater is unsafe to drink even in Antarctica and Tibet

Ask HN: Are Linux HowTos dead? Why?

Local First Tuple Database

EU endorses right to repair as a circular economy essential

Cadre parents and entrepreneur children? Intergenerational elites in China(2021)

Everyone should be ‘quiet quitting’

Ask HN: Any way to ban GPT-4 and others from harvesting my content and data?

We are entering a new world of collective action

Over 9k VNC servers exposed online without a password

Crop Report: USA spring wheat production up over 50%, record high for soybeans

Beyond All Reason: open-source RTS game built on top of the Spring RTS Engine

Tesla Shanghai Plant Ships One Millionth Car

A meteor or alien tech: Harvard professor plans UFO expedition

Heap Overflows on iOS ARM64

Salt in sea spray significantly inhibits lightning

System.css: A design system for building retro Apple interfaces

Objective-S: architecture-oriented language based on Smalltalk and Objective-C

Ask HN: What is a tech you though would take over the world but it didn't?

TIL – How to exclude commits from Git blame

NSA's Warrantless Wiretaps (2012)

Show HN: `pdf2searchablepdf` command-line tool to make PDF have searchable text

Dillo web browser domain is for sale

More than 10k Canadians received a medically-assisted death in 2021

A pig and a locust get into trouble with the law: On justice in medieval Europe

Porting third-party programs to TempleOS

New Intel chips won't play Blu-ray disks due to SGX deprecation

Salman Rushdie and the Cult of Offense

Self-taught AI shows similarities to how the brain works

Twitter's recruitment drive among federal agents

Asdf Performance

2022 Oder Environmental Disaster

Ask HN: How to price a service that saves hundreds of engineering hours?

PyPI package 'secretslib' drops fileless Linux malware to mine Monero

How Cisco got Hacked – Tracking the attacker steps and the logs it generates

Show HN: Create WireGuard Mesh Networks Using Vault

Ask HN: Which Linux terminal emulator do you prefer and why?

Tell HN: Apple products come with ungrounded plug in India

Ask HN: Was the early internet used primarily for scams like blockchain is now?

The dangers of non-empirical confirmation (2016)

Periodex – Elegant Periodic Table (158 kb page)

Open to a fault: On the passive compromise of TLS keys via transient errors [pdf]

Memento Complexitatis

Who Judges the Judges?

Epson Boobytrapped Its Printers




Dynamic Data Exchange

The Abandoned Plan That Could Have Saved America from Drought (2016)

Language Models Can Teach Themselves to Program Better

Arrest of suspected developer of Tornado Cash

Calling Git a blockchain to rebrand bad tech

Ask HN: Best way to back up cloud accounts?

School demands search of text messaging, outside of school

Uber Rewards is ending on November 1, 2022

Show HN: Quaternions: A Practical Guide

Man overcharged 20 rupees for India train ticket wins 22-year legal battle

Focus Time Saved Me from Burnout

UpBit: Scalable In-Memory Updatable Bitmap Indexing [pdf]


Curio – Notebook application for note-taking and research

Mysterious mass fish kill in Oder River: Climate change or poison?

BART’s excursion fare: Agency earns millions from passengers not riding trains

1959 Santa Susana meltdown

Reverse-engineering insect brains to make robots

Models are sucking the fun out of fun

Excel is pretty dang cool


Germany sees shift in sentiment toward atomic energy

Europe's drought could signal the death of river cruising

Why Constraints Are Good for Innovation

A shortage of Dijon mustard in France

Build your own EV charging solution

Glutamate buildup may be key factor in mental exhaustion

James Mickens: It Was Never Going to Work, So Let’s Have Some Tea [video]

Ask HN: What is the current state of Recommenation services(inhouse, SaaS etc.)?

Daring Fireball – 20

Kubernetes StatefulSets are Broken

Delivery Lead Time in Practice

Custom Processing Unit: Hook, patch, and trace microcode at the software level

My son has set the house up with a Pi-Hole

How to stay focused while working on your startup and having a 9 to 5

Suckless.org – software that sucks less

Spent $15 in DALL·E 2 credits creating this AI image

VantageScore Excluding Medical Bills from Credit Scores

Microsoft Office for iPad to Support Apple Pencil's Handwriting-to-Text Feature

Choosing Julia, Matlab, Python or R in economics?

One more clue to the Moon’s origin

Sleep Deprivation Decays the Mind and Body

How Instagram Suggests New Content

Ask HN: What is the most effective self discipline behavior you have?

Superlattices Could Make Bulky Capacitors Obsolete

Locking down your GitHub-hosted Domains

Twitch Flags Let’s Play of ‘Project Zomboid’ over Copyright of Police Siren

Stack Computers: the new wave (1989)

TruffleC: A C implementation on top of JVM (2014)

Going Deep on the Climate Bill with Hank Green and Jesse Jenkins

Autonomous Reputation System

Show HN: Merle, an IoT framework written in Go

Constructive and obsessive criticism in science

Ethereum Merge May Be Coming Sooner Than Expected

AWS Just Walk Out Technology

Show HN: Markdown as web page/site

California university accidentally kills 21,000 fish

Remote work is probably hurting your body and brain

Vintage Digital VT420 Terminal on Raspberry Pi (2012)

How Do You Exit Vim? A Newbie Question Turned Tech Meme

California Efforts to Reduce Jail Pop. During Covid Come to End as Crime Rises

A model for journalistic copypasta

Why thinking hard makes us feel tired

Poland deploys troops as dead fish pile up on river bank in toxic disaster

US Navy Radio Communications – 1950s and 1960s

Ask HN: What do you do to 'relax' after an intense day of firefighting?

Show HN: Write Words on Your GitHub Contributions Heatmap

Is this the end of social networking?

“It’s Potentially Illegal”: As Crypto Crashed, Coinbase Stopped Notifications

Google to pay $60M for misleading representations

Stop using DICT dictionary apps (such as GNOME/MATE Dictionary)

Byte Magazine: Prolog and 386 Hardware Software (1987)

Show HN: Keyboard app on totally another level

SQLite: Wal2 Mode Notes

Voyage Through Time

Ask HN: Why are distributed systems so polarizing?

Boost your productivity: Cripple your technology

Startup is setting a DALL-E 2-like AI free, consequences be damned

I Insist People Use the Forums and Issue Trackers

Historic Drought Threatens to Cripple European Trade

Get the Message: Google asks Apple to adopt RCS standard in advertising campaign

The Economics of the Tesla Semi

My take on how DuckDuckGo can outperform Google

Fusion Turns Up the Heat

Sloppy Use of Machine Learning Is Causing a ‘Reproducibility Crisis’ in Science

Can We Contain the Dragon?

Nanostructured fibers can impersonate human muscles

Dairying, diseases and the evolution of lactase persistence in Europe

The North American Monsoon

My blog is a digital garden, not a blog

Apple asked for a cut of Facebook’s ad sales years before it stifled Facebook

PGPP (Pretty Good Phone Privacy) Beta Launch

Ask HN: Who is using C++ as the main language for new project?

Ask HN: What's keeping you from writing a book?

The Swedish Leap

Xbox has accused Sony of paying Game Pass 'block fees' to developers

Sounding the Alarm on Emergency Alert System Flaws

The Calvine UFO photograph

Qt signal is ten times slower than a virtual function

Man who took hostages demanding his own money becomes public hero in Lebanon

How the Physics of Nothing Underlies Everything

Synthetic Hydrogel Composite with More Strength, Wear Resistance Than Cartilage

Anonymous poop gifting site hacked, customers exposed

Files Are Hard

Show HN: Top Quant/Algotrading Githubs Automated

A new method boosts wind farms’ energy output, without new equipment

Tech’s Offshore Hiring Has Gone into Overdrive

Businesses should dump Windows for the Linux desktop

Debloat Windows 10 with Windows Debloater

Show HN: Linguistic Antipatterns

Apple terminated my developer account and I don't know why

GHC 9.4.1 is now available

When We Eat Can Affect Our Mental Health

A Cyclic Theory of Subcultures

Food Storage Guidelines for Consumers [pdf]

Zoom Alternatives for Longer Meetings?

PrivacyToolsIO failing to their principles: hidden contract with NordVPN

The White House and Twitter Censorship

After 35 years missing, an Air Force captain mysteriously reappeared in Bay Area

Krunvm – Create MicroVMs from OCI Images

California governor proposes extending nuclear plant’s life

JuiceFS 1.0 GA with 24 month LTS – a Posix, HDFS, S3 compliant cloud file system

The machines of polymath Tatjana van Vark

Robot Dog Has an AI Brain and Taught Itself to Walk in Just an Hour

Windows10Debloater: Script to remove Windows 10 bloatware (2021)

Ask HN: Use two fingers to move the map”

Show HN: Wordle but for Tweets

I modified Firefox's memory allocator to improve responsiveness on macOS

Bass Reeves

Ask HN: How do you work with Dependabot?

Why Microsoft removed time zone world map feature from Windows (2003)

Ask HN: What was the last purchase you made at Fry's before they went under?

Ask HN: What is the best password manager for business use?

The Controversial Plan to Unleash the Mississippi

Algorithms you should know before you take system design interviews

Would you quit a job three months in?

Billion-Year-Old Algae and Newer Genes Hint at Land Plants’ Origin

Science with the Gobbledygook

The Real-World Architects Who Built the Sci-Fi Dystopias of ‘Westworld’

Voltly App Feedback - Discover ideas that matter with articles and podcasts.

Tauri – Creating Tiny Desktop Apps With React/Vue

Supabase Series B

Spaghetti-Tree Hoax

Free, Unlimited Opt-175B Text Generation

Caddy Server: Smarter path matching and rewriting (PR)


Virtual land prices crash 85% amid waning interest

How to vet a startup when you're interviewing there

Microsoft is showing ads for Microsoft 365 in Office 2021

DeFi Protocols Aave, Uniswap, Balancer, Ban Users of Tornado Cash

You Can Do Research Too

Building the Ultimate Remote Office in Thailand

I Didn’t Want It to Be True, but the Medium Is the Message

Checkmake: Experimental Linter/Analyzer for Makefiles

Controversy Erupts over Video of FSD Tesla Striking Child Mannequin

Functional Reactive Programming

Review: Internet Is Not What You Think It Is: A History, a Philosophy, a Warning

What are the dark corners of Vim your mom never told you about?

How the Brain Links Gestures, Perception and Meaning

Weird stuff found in redesigned macOS Ventura System Settings app

Record US productivity slump in first half of 2022 risks higher inflation

Dieting Could Reprogram Your DNA

Astro and Tailwind on Netlify and Cloudflare with Cloud IDE

Ask HN: Anyone else disillusioned from working in tech

Animation at Its Most Pretentious

Electric Regional Air Mobility

You Don't Need a Numpad

A New Kind of Chess

The Coming California Megastorm

US approves Google plan to let political emails bypass Gmail spam filter

Tension and Freedom

Neuromorphic Chip Gets $1M in Pre-Orders

University Needs to Hurt

Open-source tool to enforce privacy/security best-practices on Windows, macOS

IRS audits poorest families at five times the rate for everyone else

Chrysler Turbine Car

Online visit to museum dedicated to Tsiolkovsky in Google Maps

Sam Bankman-Fried's lobbying seeks to make CFTC, not SEC, oversee crypto markets

Can open-source technologies support open societies?

Three papers highlight results of National Ignition Facility record yield shot

The Intel 80376 – a Legacy-Free i386 (with a Twist) (2010)

Protect Ruby on Rails applications against DoS and bots

Tech's Offshore Hiring Has Gone into Overdrive

On Prolog and the Occur Check Problem (1989)

Tell HN: Some of my favorite personal websites

Antikythera shipwreck yields statues, human teeth and the head of Hercules

Ask HN: Where do you buy your eBooks or have eBook subscriptions?

Tabs and Makefile

The Summer of NIMBY in Silicon Valley's Poshest Town

Record Death Valley flooding ‘a once-in-1000-year event’

VC fund decks that close LPs

If You're from Poor or MC Families, Hollywood Is Nearly Impossible to Navigate

France risks winter blackouts as nuclear-power generation stalls

Delve into ELF Binary Magic

Affirm CEO Says Next Recession Will Silence Fintech Lender’s Doubters

TornadoCash can be used to get people banned in Aave

Language Showcase: C3

Study Shows Anti-Piracy Ads Often Made People Pirate More

Are You Sure You’re Not Guilty of the ‘Millennial Pause’?

KPIs, Velocity, and Other Destructive Metrics

Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough California Team Achieved Ignition

Dow to Decarbonise with Advanced Nuclear

Heat pumps: what they do and why they’re hot now

Nabta Playa: The first astronomical site is older than Stonehenge

Facebook testing end-to-end encryption as a default on Messenger

SSDs Are Worse for the Planet Than HDDs

VRAM Based Filesystem for Linux

Tom Mitchell: Machine Learning textbook is now a free to download

1969: German Mineral Water Companies introduced a uniform glass bottle

The Torus and the Möbius Strip

Why Polio (Poliomyelitis), Once Nearly Eradicated, Is Rebounding

Language Models Can Teach Themselves to Program Better

US data transfer unlawful according to German procurement authority

Google Cloud Functions 2nd Gen is now GA

Tencent is a success story bedevilled by the splinternet

Chaos Computer Club hacks video-based online identification (Video-Ident)

Interview with Ivan Sokolov, Coach of Chennai Chess Olympiad Gold-Winning Uzbeks

Stoicism: The Ancient Remedy to the Modern Age

A ‘megaflood’ in California could drop 100 inches of rain, scientists warn

The Dangerous Populist Science of Yuval Noah Harari

Toronto wants to kill the smart city forever

A bioengineered cornea can restore sight to blind people

AWS Private 5G – Build Your Own Private Mobile Network

Embedded Systems #113

Psychological inoculation can reduce susceptibility to misinformation

How your one week free trial is being used for three months

Dark triad personality traits are related to specific types of humor, study finds

Integration of psychedelic experiences linked to self-actualization via improvements in personal development and self-insight

Researches built synthetic DNA for plants, that works like a computer code, with logic gates guiding the decision-making process. Their work could make crops more efficient at gathering nutrients and water, and more resilient to increasing pressures from climate change

Myocardial ATP depletion detected noninvasively predicts sudden cardiac death risk in patients with heart failure

Study finds that Japanese children walk differently from those in other countries

Hedgehog signaling reprograms hair follicle niche fibroblasts to a hyper-activated state

Not by g alone: The benefits of a college education among individuals with low levels of general cognitive ability [\"Individuals with low levels of GCA who complete college experience the same benefits as those with higher levels of GCA\"]

Micro-engineered Electrodes Could Cut Battery Manufacturing Costs

Disruption of the circadian clock drives Apc loss of heterozygosity to accelerate colorectal cancer (Aug 2022)

High-throughput sequencing analysis of nuclear-encoded mitochondrial genes reveals a genetic signature of human longevity (Aug 2022)

Child dietary patterns in Homo sapiens evolution: a systematic review — Animal foods (terrestrial and aquatic) were the most frequently mentioned food groups in dietary patterns across subsistence modes

Matter at extreme conditions of very high temperature and pressure turns out to be remarkably simple and universal

A Pipeline for Natural Small Molecule Inhibitors of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress (2022)

A new study has found that appendages, called cilia, on neurons in the brain have a key role in ensuring a specific dopamine receptor’s signals are properly received: mice lacking cilia become obese not because they overate but because they have a significant reduction in activity

Cash may not be the most effective way to motivate employees

“Who wrote this s**t, asked the CTO. Flustered, he checked git blame, and the answer was him”

DDD, Hexagonal, Onion, Clean, CQRS, … How I put it all together

How do One-Time passwords work?

Simple 2D Physics Engine

Spotify’s Event Delivery – The Road to the Cloud (Part I) - Spotify Engineering

GitHub - gligli/tiler: GliGli's TileMotion video codec (data science / machine learning inspired; trivially simple to decode)

Cool Database Explorer for SQL databases

Oasis: Small statically-linked Linux system

Event Driven Architecture — 5 Pitfalls to Avoid

Abusing Microsoft Office Online Video

A bunch of the latest \"2D image to 3D object/mesh/model synthesis\" research paper

reparsec — typed parser combinators library for Python

Rust for Embedded C Programmers | OpenTitan Documentation

I made a CLI to easily manage iptables forwards

An online snake game that you can't play- you need to program a bot to compete for you

Quiz: How good are you at C# code review?

Programming Deep Q Learning in Python - Part 2 in DQN series!

Easy QuickStart template for C++ and CMake intended for beginners on unix systems.

There are many ways to fail to read a file in a C program.

Easiest Way to Read and Import Excel File Data into DataTable C#

Easiest Way to Read and Import Excel File Data into DataTable C#

16 solo developer startups to $5,000 MRR

My CSharp project about showing real-time air quality sensor data from Bluetooth device using serial port communication

Print all routes in Chi Router | Golang

Theming and Theme Switching in React: The Right Way