Setris – Tetris with Sand Physics

I gave commit rights to someone I didn't know (2016)

Statement on AI Risk

An open-source alternative to QuickBooks

NASA's Laser Link Boasts Record-Breaking 200 Gbps Speed

MindsDB (YC W20) Is Hiring a Product Designer

A peek inside Japan's largest “Dagashi” store

New Taschen book on the history of the computer

Dynamic Forms with LiveView Streams

Email apnea – are you breathing? (2014)

The FBI as advanced persistent threat

A chiral aperiodic monotile

Deep-Dive into the Internals of TCP Connection Establishment Process

VR optics and why IPD means too many things

1999 Game Developers Conference (GDC) Recordings Archive

Macro-ts: TypeScript compiler with typesafe syntactic macros (2022)

How to Stare at Your Phone Without Losing Your Soul

LHC experiments see first evidence of a rare Higgs boson decay

My first superoptimizer

The odd appeal of absurdly long YouTube videos

HDF5eis: Storage IO solution for big multidimensional time series sensor data

Most Bitcoin Inscriptions belong to a single person

The UX Research Reckoning is Here

DNSSEC KSK rollover breaks DNS resolution for .nz domains

The First Sherpa to Climb to the Top of Mt. Everest (1954)

HBO Max new Captcha system

Unwanted Thoughts: a new history of the Index of Prohibited Books

Sigils are underappreciated (2022)

Rust has been forked to the Crab Language

300ms Faster: Reducing Wikipedia's total blocking time

Wikipedia had wrong Vatican flag for years – now incorrect flags are everywhere

You can serve static data over HTTP

A path to niche skill-sets and community

Chocolate and the Steam Engine (2014)

Say a Final Goodbye to Sprint – T-Mobile Is Reportedly Shutting It Down

A terminal case of Linux

The metaverse was never alive in the first place

Why Learn Compilers

The Johari Window

Show HN: Tiny – A 2D Game Engine in Kotlin Working with Lua

Implementing the CIS Critical Controls for Free

Being a Good Unix Neighbour

Research on harvesting electricity from humidity in the air

Everything You Never Wanted to Know about PKI but Were Forced to Find Out [pdf]

Donut: OCR-Free Document Understanding Transformer

When we were first adding Mac OS X guest support at ᴠᴍware

Deus Ex – Alpha Terrain

XFS Metadata Corruption on Linux 6.3 Tracked Down to One Missing One-Line Patch

Journey and lessons from running a mirroring service at home

Production AI systems are hard

Removing support for forwarded ports

C++17’s useful features for embedded systems

Pro-cash movement warns that people could be losing more than they bargained for

FBI successfully brute forces iPhone X passcode in 3 years

Health officials delayed report linking fluoride to brain harm

Rheinmetall pilot project for curb stone chargers for EVs

Heavy electric trucks cheaper than diesel goods trucks

Quite a tail: A mouse has been hiding its armor all this time

Connect() – a new API for creating TCP sockets from Cloudflare Workers

Thanks, David Peter

What deserves our attention?

Rayhatching a UFO Scene

Software bugs that cause real-world harm

Joker is a small interpreted dialect of Clojure written in Go

Nvidia Announces DGX GH200 AI Supercomputer

Using computers more freely and safely

CPR's true survival rate is lower than many people think

Arcade Authorship – High Score Table Credits

A 1914 silent film considered lost was rescued from a vault

How to hire a pop star for your private party

Twitter's Algorithm: Amplifying Anger, Animosity, and Affective Polarization

GDP is the wrong tool for measuring what matters (2020)

Death by design patterns, or On the cognitive load of abstractions in the code

India ruling party's IT cell used AI to show smile on arrested protesters' faces

The 'exploding' demand for giant heat pumps

Let us serve you, but don't bring us down

Filial Piety in Chinese Culture (2016)

Lua: The Little Language That Could

Fossil tells the 'tail' of an ancient beast

Globalization is evolving, but does not seem to be reversing

Ask HN: Largest Postgres DBs?

Libuv – Linux: io_uring support

Canon develops quantum dot OLED materials without rare metals

Hardening Drupal with WebAssembly

Circles rolling on circles (2014)

Open Source provided the path to achieve our publishing goals

Tarkovsky's films online for free

Fitting 44% More Data on a C64/1541 Floppy Disk

One Click Deepfake

The Mysterious 50 Ohm Impedance: Where It Came from and Why We Use It (2021)

A Coder in Courierland (2005)

Octopuses are building small “cities” off the coast of Australia (2017)

AppCode Is Dead. Now What?

KDE for Developers

New Arm cores deliver up to 40% better performance

Post-Covid neurocognitive decline with bilateral mesial-temporal hypometabolism

Easy Effects: Audio effects for PipeWire applications

System76 Virgo Aims to Be the Quietest yet Most Performant Linux Laptop

The Never Married, a New Normal

Winklevoss Twins Attempt Pivot After Gemini Loses Money and Employees

Windows 11 is getting the ability to run Win32 apps in isolation

The Statistics Handbook (free culture LaTeX handbook)

When feedback is not a gift

How to Get Started with Tree-Sitter

Pat Gelsinger came back to turn Intel around – here’s how it’s going

Apache Baremaps: online maps toolkit

Nvidia ($960B) is now worth more than Facebook, Tesla and Netflix

Ask HN: What are the most reliable tech sites in east and south Asia?

Future of SEO in a Post-ChatGPT World

Three Investing Patterns That You Should Know

ARM’s Cortex A53: Tiny but Important

WP20 and Audrey Scholars

Architecture 4031: Introductory Coreboot

DESKTOP2 – A Graphical User Interface for DOS

Brazil’s 490/2007 Bill: Stripping Indigenous Communities of Their Land Rights

How to build AI products people want

Private Equity Is Now Dominating the US Hospice System

Amprius High-Density Batteries

Functional Programming in Lean

Scar tissues make relationships wear out (2013)

Tom Hanks on the rewards and reality of making movies

Let's make a Teeny Tiny compiler (2020)

Phoenix LiveView 0.19 Released

In every country people think others are less happy than they themselves say (2017)

0AD, an open source historical RTS in development for 22 years

X.org vs. Wayland Linux Gaming Performance for Nvidia GeForce and AMD Radeon

No A/C? No problem, if buildings copy networked tunnels of termite mounds

How I Experience Web Today

Media Queries and Responsive Design

Paper Airplane Designs

Nvidia's next DGX supercomputer is all about generative AI

Ask HN: What are these Keybase URLs I see in many HN profiles?

Building the coordinate system for an infinite spreadsheet


Learn How to Build Tools

The halting problem is decidable on a set of asymptotic probability one (2006)

Google Cloud Workstations managed development environment is now GA

Container Runtimes and WasmEdge benchmarking on Arm

Making a Billion-Year Lego Clock

Bcrypt at 25

A novel about video games became a surprise best seller

Yout Counters RIAA in Court, Quoting Lyrics and Highlighting YouTube’s Absence

Israeli cancer treatment has 90% success rate

The C Interpreter: A Tutorial for Cin (1988)

Times New Bastard

A new report finds NASA has spent an obscene amount of money on SLS propulsion

YouTube removed dislike counts, so this guy made Rotten Tomatoes for YouTube

About Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

Bayes is guaranteed to overfit

How much does it cost to develop and manufacture an electronic product? (2022)

Build Your Own Lisp

Superintelligence: An idea that eats smart people (2016)

Don Bateman, inventor of the GPWS, has died

State of Space-Based Solar Radiation Management [pdf]

The Python Language Summit 2023: Making the Global Interpreter Lock Optional

New Google Cloud Generative AI Training Resources – Google Cloud Blog

TV doctors say annual checkups save lives – real doctors call bullshit (2016)

On the RustConf Keynote

Commodore 64 Web server [video]

Ian Hacking has died

How to Cancel Your Hiccups

Head-Trapped – Descartes, Dawkins, Hobbes, Marx, Mill, Darwin

Introduction to Algorithms: A Creative Approach by Udi Manber [pdf]

Landauer's Principle

Process and Reality

Unnatural Keys – Nature doesn’t come with identifiers

Neo-Desktop/WindowsXPKg: Keygen for Windows XP

Why Frenemies May Be Hazardous to Your Health

An accidental side effect of nuclear explosion: Low-Background Steel

The Future of Vehicle Recycling, Cars stripped, boxed and on eBay within hours

Why I Left Rust

Show HN: fastgron: A JSON to GRON Converter That's 40 Times Faster Than Gron

Venetians are pondering raising their entire city

There oughta be a bullet time video booth

Retrowin32: Async, DLL loading, tracing execution, and Zig

Hiroshima (1946)

Inflation is being driven by corporate price gouging

Are there any languages that allow units?

Vitamin D: Potent regulator of dopaminergic neuron differentiation and function

A relay that changed the power industry

Japanese Moon Lander Crashed Because It Was Still Three Miles Up

I don't need to clean up my desktop and downloads folders in macOS (2021)

Micromouse: The Fastest Maze-Solving Competition on Earth [video]

UMD Study Finds Brain Connectivity, Memory Improves in Adults After Walking

Oxidizing OCaml: Locality

‘They’re afraid their AIs will come for them’: Rushkoff on tech billionaires


A measles vaccine painlessly delivered via sticker shows promising early results

Building a Personal VoIP System

Things I Learned from My Wife's Screenwriting Education

State Farm halts new property insurance policies in California

The AI Report #3: No-gradient optimization, open-source lags behind and more

Modern Bloom Filters: 22x Faster

Mirages: On Anthropomorphism in Dialogue Systems

How scouts find the perfect film locations

Comparing iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 14 for Astrophotography

State Farm won’t insure new California customers due to wildfires, high costs

Performance Engineering of Software Systems (6.172)

Mastering CSS blend modes

As rising oceans threaten NYC, study documents another risk: The city is sinking

How much would it have cost if GPT-4 had written your code

The First 'Apple Silicon' – The Aquarius Processor Project

Bread Board Wristwatch (2017)

Defining a new HTTP method: HTTP Search (2021)

Show HN: HNRelevant – Show related HN submissions in an integrated sidebar

The Art of Making Debts: Accounting for an Obsession in 19th-Century France

Identity Crisis – A Tale of DevRel

The Stanford Pascal Compiler

Servo, the parallel browser engine written in Rust

The AI Boom Runs on Chips, but It Can’t Get Enough

Cloud, Why So Difficult?

Show HN: A pixel art puzzle game for mobile using PixiJS

US police are selling seized phones with personal data still on them

Guitar Making as a Life’s Work

Real Property Disposition: Historic lighthouses

Surprisingly high levels of artificial radioactive isotopes found in glaciers

Modern SAT solvers: fast, neat and underused (2018)

Reflections on Ten Years Past the Snowden Revelations

GraphQL and Type Systems

AdventureGPT: Using LLM Backed Agents to Play Text-Based Adventure Games

Fully Explained Naive Bayes Classification with Python Example

A good day with Jeff Bezos

Din 1450, recommended for barrier-free reading

MediaMTX: Zero-dependency server for live video and audio streams

Steel Bank Common Lisp 2.3.5 released

Phishing domains tanked after Meta sued Freenom

Txti is shutting down

China state-sponsored cyber actor living off the land to evade detection [pdf]

Group accused in $225K 'dice sliding' cheating scheme at Las Vegas casino

Lisa: Steve Jobs’ sabotage and Apple’s burial

Homebrew Hercules Graphics Card

Music Company Asks Google to Delist 'YouTube Downloader' Wikipedia Article

Integrating Zig and SwiftUI

Inner workings revealed for “Predator,” Android malware that exploited 5 0-days

Boris Yeltsin Circling Over Shannon Diplomatic Incident

SAR Values of Commercially Available Mobile Phones

Professor assigns ChatGPT-prompted essays to highlight hallucinated info

Stuxnet (2010) [pdf]

GCP CloudSQL Vulnerability Leads to Internal Container Access and Data Exposure

Ask HN: Any privacy-preserving minimalist phone launchers for Android?

What if nobody is bad at maths?

Killer whales wreck boat in latest attack off Spain

Emissions are no longer following the worst case scenario

Deep ocean currents in Antarctica are slowing earlier than predicted

Show HN: I created a game to memorize the fretboard

The HTTP QUERY Method specification

ChatGPT: A Mental Model

Dolphin on Steam Indefinitely Postponed

AI Server Cost Analysis – Memory Is the Biggest Loser

Review of an Electric Car in 1997

Gravitational-wave detector LIGO is back

Landmark Attention: Random-Access Infinite Context Length for Transformers

Vitamin D’s Crucial Role in Dopamine Function and Schizophrenia

Java Panama Vector API Integrated with Apache Lucene

Show HN: Build your own ChatGPT with Mersei

Majority of Millennials Are Now Homeowners

The Evolution of House Cats (2009)

Is this octopus having a nightmare?

New work helps to explain how chronic stress can inflame the gut

Research Philosophy of Modern Cryptography

Show HN: Open Fire Serverless CI

Creating a sperm or egg from any cell?

Chatting with a Hacker

Stepping down as project leader of GrapheneOS

JeanHeyd Meneide's response to “Why I left Rust”

The Silent (R)evolution of SAT

Ask HN: Are you getting GPT-Fatigue?

Admiral Rickover's 'Paper Reactor' Memo (1953)

Hard stuff when building products with LLMs

The Gemini protocol seen by this HTTP client person

‘Massive’ Tesla leak reveals data breaches, thousands of safety complaints

What if we set GPT-4 free in Minecraft?

Why AI Will Make Our Children More Lonely

A lawyer faces sanctions after he used ChatGPT to write a brief

Notes on Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

What Makes a Hobbyist?

AI Is Catapulting Nvidia Toward the $1 Trillion Club

‘They’re afraid their AIs will come for them’: Doug Rushkoff

Programming in Standard ML (2011) [pdf]

ChatGPT is not the product, you are

Returning orca Lolita to Northwest is risky

TimL: Clojure-like Lisp dialect that runs on and compiles down to Vimscript

Hacking Around ChatGPT’s Character Limits with the Code Interpreter

How to mitigate risk from secrets leaks

The History of CMOS

Why Timothy Cain creator of Fallout left Fallout 2 during development

Renate Loll Blends Universes to Unlock Quantum Gravity

Makefile Tricks for Python Projects

Clever code considered harmful

KryptEY – Android keyboard for E2EE comms via Signal protocol in any messenger

Parfit: A Philosopher and His Mission to Save Morality

A Technical Film Report on Project Deep Ops (1972) [video]

Intel CPU Die Topology

Tesla could face a $3.3B fine over a data leak

Private spies hired by FBI and corporations infiltrate Discord, Reddit, WhatsApp

Ford’s Deal to Use Tesla Charging Connector and Superchargers Could Kill CCS

Review of Epictetus: The Complete Works

Raspberry Pi/PlatformIO conflict blocks support for Pico-Arduino toolchain

Large language models do not recognize identifier swaps in Python

Biosphere 2

Ford EV Customers to Gain Access to 12,000 Tesla Superchargers

Tell HN: It's 2023 and you still can't import .ics files into iOS Calendar app

A Personal View of Average-Case Complexity (1995) [pdf]

12 years since Saab’s bankruptcy: Secret NEVS electric cars revealed

A PhD student's perspective on research in NLP in the era of LLMs

Wardley Maps–illustrated through Gerstner

Evidence that the shingles vaccine prevents a good chunk of dementia cases

Our model suggests that global deaths remain 5% above pre-Covid forecasts

US jury says Google owes Sonos $32.5M in smart-speaker patent case

Prompt engineering techniques with Azure OpenAI

Ask HN: My GPT project has become a local hit but I can't afford the bill

Tree of Thoughts

The False Promise of Imitating Proprietary LLMs

Absentee leadership – the most common type of incompetent leader

Interfacing with Zig, a BDFL-Run Project

Organic Solar Cells: Record 19.31% Efficiency Redefines Renewable Future

Minix Is Dead

Crash of private Japanese moon lander blamed on software, last-minute changes

On the Reign of Cleopatra

19th century painters may have primed their canvases with beer-brewing leftovers

Why is std:hardware_destructive_interference_size compile-time, not run-time?

Ask HN: Suggestions to host 10TB data with a monthly +100TB bandwidth

GCC 11.4 Released With 110 Bugs Fixed

Microsoft keyboard users are so devastated after discontinuation of accessories

Making $10k/m from a French learning app

New KAUST tandem solar cell breaks efficiency world record

Two-thirds of North America at risk of energy shortages during extreme demand [pdf]

Show HN: I built a gallary of 200 B2B SaaS pricing pages

6.002 Circuits and Electronics Spring 2007

That people produce HTML with string templates is telling us something

The antidote to fake news is to nourish our epistemic wellbeing

„Critical Code Studies“

Direct air capture: our technology to capture CO₂

Antarctic alarm bells: Observations reveal deep ocean currents slowing earlier

Agent GPT – Assemble, configure, and deploy autonomous AI Agents in the browser

Democratizing AI with open-source language models

Unbounded memory usage by Linux TCP for receive buffers, and how we fixed it

Illinois to Become First State to Ban Book Bans

Inside a super fast CSS engine: Quantum CSS (a.k.a. Stylo)

The Card Trick Behind Alleged $10M Casino Scam

Requirements (2007)

How the lemon was invented (2018)

Since when did SSDs need water cooling?

A Short History of Chaosnet (2018)

Are Electric Vehicles Better or Worse for the Environment?

India official empties dam to retrieve lost phone

Ask HN: What are some good resources for learning about low level disk/file IO?

A Spreading Activation Theory of Semantic Processing (1975)

Causal evidence that herpes zoster vaccination prevents dementia

XFS metadata corruption after upgrade to 6.3.3 kernel

NASA's SLS rocket is $6B over budget and six years behind schedule

I made nodb, a RESTFful API to store and fetch JSON

MITx Differential Equations starts May 31

Hot Pixel' Attack Steals Data from Apple, Intel, Nvidia, and AMD Chips

Show HN: Python Recursion: A Trampoline from the Mutual Head to the...

HP printers should have EPEAT ecolabels revoked, trade group demands

Fontemon: Video Game in a Font

What are the weirdest computer bugs you have ever come across?

The Sonnet Machine

31 Billionaires are worth more than the US Treasury has in cash

Layoffs push down scores on Glassdoor – how companies respond

Children's Games (Bruegel)

Kids could fill labor shortages, even in bars, if these lawmakers succeed

Show HN: Hacker News user experience enhancement browser extension

Am I the Unethical One?

Microsoft has made Azure Linux generally available

Whose baseline (compiler) is it anyway?

The Overseas Highway: the US' 'floating' highway

Translating/bridging across multiple protocols and identities (via federation)

Voyager: An Open-Ended Embodied Agent with LLMs

Tesla Model Y overtakes Corolla to be world’s best-selling car in 2023

Intel: AI is overwhelming CPUs, GPUs, even clouds, so all Meteor Lakes get a VPU

Twitter engineering boss Foad Dabiri quits day after DeSantis launch glitches

Ask HN: What is an A.I. chip and how does it work?

What Neeva's quiet exit tells us about the future of AI startups

Graphs That Explain Software Engineering Salaries in 2023

Amazon Backs Out of Climate Pledge, Deletes Shipment Zero Initiative Blogpost

ChatGPT conversations can be shared publicly

Japan will try to beam solar power from space by 2025

ACLU demand CA cops stop sharing location data with cops in anti-abortion states

Show HN: I made an in-browser code editor with code replay and REPL

The Future of Consumer SBCs: Has the Pi Bubble Burst? [video]

Mozilla stops Firefox fullscreen VPN ads after user outrage

Weird, Rare, and Everywhere

Network Instrumentation and TCP File Descriptor Hijacking

Tesla data leak reportedly reveals thousands of safety complaints

The ARM v9.2 Family

VFX Reference Platform – Linux in VFX

What’s a Safe Distance from a Supernova for Earth?

Math Reveals How Many Shuffles Randomizes a Deck

Can we create a thread for some of the best materials on CS available online?

TI-99/4 has Defeated Me

The US tech chiefs waving goodbye to San Francisco to set up home in London

Ispace Announces Results of the “Hakuto-R” Mission 1 Lunar Landing

Former Dolphin team member addresses Steam/Valve’s takedown of Dolphin emulator

Is history written by the winners?

What’s New in M68k LLVM (May 2023)

Apps Getting Worse

How some people get away with doing nothing at work

Las Vegas casinos are making it costlier to play and harder to win

A simple Minecraft clone written in C using modern OpenGL

Don't abuse su for dropping user privileges (2015)

Nvidia chief says with AI everyone now can be a programmer

Can SGI’s enthusiast community bring IRIX back to life?


Dev Drive on Windows 11

Reducing Stored IP Data in PyPI

Excel Labs, a Microsoft Garage Project

Rust: The wrong people are resigning

We’ve Had a Cheaper, More Potent Ozempic Alternative for Decades

Tested: Where Does the Tone Come from in an Electric Guitar?

Women Mapping New York City’s Halal Food

The only spam I get are TOS updates

Tennessee to allow international medical grads licensure without US residency

Is Cybersecurity an Unsolvable Problem?

Tales of the Tongue

Node.js built-ins on Deno Deploy

Young adults in the U.S. are reaching key life milestones later than in the past

Ask HN: What's the best book on religion?

The First Social-Media Babies Are Growing Up–and They’re Horrified

Saving and rebuilding America’s local free press system

Flowers for Turing

Want to buy a West Texas ghost town? Now’s your chance

Magnitude 6.1 earthquake near the east coast of Honshu, Japan

Codictionary: A newsletter that explain tech terms in plain, everyday language

Kings Grew Pale

Octopolis and Octlantis

Requiring banks to issue long-term debt could make customers safer

First-in-Human Trial of Oral Drug to Remove Radioactive Contamination Begins

Carolyn Merchant’s Vision of Nature, 40 Years Later (2021)

China Announces Plan to Land Astronauts on Moon by 2030

Fluent 2 Design System

Sophia: Stochastic Second-Order Optimizer for Language Model Pre-Training

Ukraine built more onshore wind turbines in past year than England

We Got Social Media Wrong. Can We Get AI Right?

America's first US-built electric mini-truck begins street-legal homologation

Senators issued satellite phones, offered demos on upgraded security devices

I Am No Longer Speaking at RustConf 2023

Why is Betelgeuse glowing so brightly and behaving so strangely?

Green hills forever: Windows XP activation algorithm cracked after 21 years

Probabilistic Cache Recompute to Defeat Cache Stampedes

A Student Photographed a Single Atom with a Store-Bought Camera (2018)

Finland Electricity Prices Flip Negative After Glut of Hydroelectric Power

AI machines aren’t ‘hallucinating’. But their makers are

U.S. to give away free lighthouses as GPS makes them unnecessary

Persistent metabolic adaptation 6 years after “The Biggest Loser” competition

How much of AI's recent success is due to the Forer Effect?

Windows XP activation algorithm cracked, keygen now works on Linux

Europe data salary benchmark 2023

404 Page Not Found

How to build your own Raspberry Pi watch

A man sued Avianca Airline – his lawyer used ChatGPT

The Covid-19 virus mutated to outsmart key antibody treatments

AI will slightly drain the swamp of higher ed

US govt under fire for promoting sales of spyware

418 I'm a teapot

Show HN: No more copy-pasting – a ChatGPT plugin to read code from your computer

Ask HN: What are some of the best papers on AI, ML, DL and their applications?

ASRock Rack ALTRAD8U-1L2T Is a MATX Motherboard for Up to 128 Cores

Show HN: Open-Source AI Embedding Pre-Processing Editor

Former Deadspin writer raided by FBI for Fox News hack

YouTube Stories, Google’s clone of Snapchat, is dying on June 26

MIT Course: Generative AI for Constructive Communication

What Is a Weed?

Show HN: A chat bot you can ask anything about my podcast

The case for South Korean membership in the G7

Germany: 'Last Generation' writes open letter to Olaf Scholz

Show HN: Stable Diffusion Reimagine XL

LLM Functions: Integrating LLM Technology into the Wolfram Language

Fit: Far-Reaching Interleaved Transformers

The Physicist Who Glues Together Universes

Printing Money: The Absolute Privilege of U.S. Dollars

Ask HN: GPT prompt crafters, what are your most effective/favorite prompts?

Google account deleted after 2 hours of Aurora

History of the WWII Jerrycan

Ask HN: What can we learn about human cognition from the performance of LLMs

Khan Academy Rewrote their Back end

Colorado bought Chromebooks to get kids through Covid. They’re already near EOL

China sets sights on crewed lunar landing before 2030

Germany falls into recession as inflation hits economy

San Francisco’s Financial Crisis

Ask HN: You're planning a vacation to somewhere, what's your process?

Solar dish reactor produces hydrogen and captures waste products

Google Trust Services ACME API available to all users at no cost

NASA safety panel skeptical of Starliner readiness for crewed flight

Wine 8.9

Mastering Monero: The future of private transactions [pdf] (2019)

Qt 5.15 Standard Support for Legacy License Holders Ends Today

Show HN: Tripoffice AI discovered 200k hotel rooms with a dedicated workspace

Germany Enters Recession: Europe's Largest Economy Is Breaking Down

Tesla data leak reportedly reveals thousands of safety complaints

A quake on Mars showed its crust is thicker than Earth’s

Linux for schools: why use Ubuntu for education

8-Bit Wolf – Remembering the NES Game Teaching Kids to Conquer Wall Street

Eating disorder hotline fires staff, switches to chatbot days after unionization

Ask HN: How to cope with pressure to be the best?

Predator may have more spyware capabilities than we know

Twitter set to exit EU code of practice on disinformation, per EU sources

Study shows stronger links between entrepreneurs and dyslexia (2007)

Library of Juggling

Ignoring the results of public referenda can cause lasting damage to a democratic system, study finds. Results from France show lower voter turnout in national elections, more protest voting, and increased support for radical anti-system parties.

New DNA testing technology shows majority of Australian dingoes are pure dingoes, not hybrids, challenging the view that dingoes are in decline due to crossbreeding with domestic dogs

Analysis of 177 studies on reusable food-contact plastic (containers, bottles, cooking tools, etc.) finds 372 chemicals that migrate out under normal conditions including some that develop after use. Some are known or suspected health hazards, but current testing does not reflect many reuse cycles.

Researchers have developed a self-administered mobile application that analyzes speech data as an automatic screening tool for the early detection of Alzheimer's disease with 88% to 91% of accuracy

Free prescription drugs could reduce overall health-care costs in Canada: study

Researchers have identified a gene expression signature that can predict the progression of type 1 diabetes. One benefit of such predictive signature would be the ability to intervene earlier in the disease process and slow its progression, and potentially prevent or delay the onset of symptoms.

Study using light-detecting wearables finds that irregular lighting patterns are associated with irregular sleeping patterns. Adolescents with the most consistent lighting patterns had longer and earlier sleep times.

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) study reporting that IgA deficiency is most common primary immune deficiency worldwide finds that IgA fine tunes the body’s interactions with its Microbes and that deficiency promotes systemic immune dysregulation

Flexible solar cells based on foldable silicon wafers with blunted edges

People, not search-engine algorithms, choose unreliable or partisan news. Analysis of people’s web searches & visited websites suggests that it is more likely that they are choosing to engage with partisan or unreliable news than that they are being unduly exposed to it by search-engine algorithms.

Astrocyte reactivity influences amyloid-β effects on tau pathology in preclinical Alzheimer’s disease

Synthesis of prebiotic organics from CO2 by catalysis with meteoritic and volcanic particles

TMS-EEG and resting-state EEG applied to altered states of consciousness: oscillations, complexity, and phenomenology

Deep learning and wearable sensors for the diagnosis and monitoring of Parkinson’s disease: A systematic review

Gene Therapy Restores Hearing in Aged Model of Deafness

Don't worry, be happy. It's not that simple, according to research. People who believe in living in the moment engage in more fun and enjoyable activities, even if they are unrelated to their long-term goal pursuits, which contributes to more positive emotions and greater overall well-being

Researchers have developed a simple, low-cost (10 to 80 cents) clip that uses a smartphone's camera and flash to monitor blood pressure at the user’s fingertip

Study reveals unique molecular machinery of woman who can’t feel pain

Honda to double number of programmers to 10,000 by 2030

Domain modelling with State Machines and TypeScript by Carlton Upperdine

C++17’s Useful Features for Embedded Systems

Don't try to outsmart the compiler

Cloud, Why So Difficult?

Level Up Your Coding Game: 22 Effective ChatGPT Prompts Every Software Developer Should Know

My first superoptimizer

awesome-nonprofit-software (Beta): An open-source, community-updated resource for nonprofits to find services with free or discounted rates!

Dear new developer: learn how to build tools

Using sed to make indexes for books

AR Glasses Software Development: How Much to Charge for Building Cutting-Edge Solutions?

The Gemini protocol seen by this HTTP client person (curl dev)

After canceling RustConf keynote speaker, Rust leadership rejects calls for accountability, promises process improvements instead

C++17’s Useful Features for Embedded Systems

The Python Language Summit 2023: Making the Global Interpreter Lock Optional

LoFi (Local First) Community Origins P1: ~700 members in 4 months

Interacting with Kubernetes Deployments and Services using Python SDK

I interviewed 150 engineering leaders to learn about their day-to-day challenges and solutions. Hope someone finds it useful.

Amazon S3, DynamoDB, or RDS: Which one?

AWS PHP Cognito Token Verifier - This library verifies that the signature of the JWT is valid, comes from a desired application, and that the token has not been tampered with or expired

KDE for Developers

Containerizing a Golang API with Podman

The Ultimate Guide to Tech Stack for Indie Hackers in 2023

How To Find And Fix Accessibility Issues In React | ReactJS Tutorials |

GitHub - TransformerOptimus/SuperAGI: Build and run useful autonomous agents